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Bentley Lane, Council School (Meanwood) (9 comments)
Black & White imagec1920s. View shows Bentley Lane Council School, seen from the junction of Bentley Lane (left) and Winthorpe Street (right). Now Bentley Primary School, it was built around the 1920s. The photo presumably dates from that time as a note on the back says 'New Council School, Bentley Lane'.
[internal reference; 2010113_171509:LEO 5172]
Braime T.F. & J.H. Limited, sheet metal pressings, medium/heavy press line (Hunslet)
Colour imageMarch 2008. View of the medium/heavy press line at the factory of T.F. & J.H. Braime Ltd. The firm was established by Thomas Braime in Leek Street. His brother, Harry, later joined him and the business expanded in response to the developing motor industry. It outgrew premises in Glasshouse Street and Donisthorpe Street and moved in to this purpose built factory in 1911. The factory occupies a large site off Hunslet Road. The factory is also bordered by Sayner Road, Sayner Lane and Brookfield Street.
[internal reference; 2008918_167288:LEO 3250]
Braime T.F. & J.H. Limited, sheet metal pressings, sheet metal press lines (Hunslet)
Colour imageMarch 2008. Image shows a sheet metal press line at the factory of T.F. & J.H Braime in Ingham Road. The factory dates from 1911 but the business was established earlier by the Braime Brothers with premises originally in Leek Street, then Glasshouse Street followed by Donisthorpe Street.
[internal reference; 2008918_167284:LEO 3246]
Donisthorpe Street (Hunslet)
Black & White image1st October 1958 Odd numbered back-to-backs on Donisthorpe Street, numbers run from the left in ascending order to number 23 on the right. These houses faced onto the council school on South Accommodation Road.
[internal reference; 2003812_96444339:WYAS Sayner Lane Box 100/2, no. 127]
Donisthorpe Street Bus Depot (Hunslet)
Black & White image1931. Image shows the interior of Donisthorpe Street Bus Depot in 1931. Several LCT buses are parked up in the depot.
[internal reference; 20111027_172846:LQ 388 L517/55]