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1880s poster, Emanuel Mortimer's grocery store, Lowtown (Pudsey)
Black & White imagec1880s. Image shows the detail on an advertising poster for Emanuel Mortimer's grocery store located in Lowtown at the corner of Crimbles Road, (now Kent Road). Loose tea was on sale, varying in price from 1s 2d and 2 shillings per pound, depending on quality. The tea blends have interesting names like 'Rich Marvellous Tea', 'Malty Morning', Tea of Emotional Strength' and 'Pure Economical Soo-Moo'. The poster states that 'E. Mortimer is amongst the largest buyers of the 19th century, and sells at Wholesale Merchants Prices, thus saving his customers 20 to 30 per cent compared with ordinary dealers.' Sugar is also advertised in differing varieties. At this time Emanuel Mortimer had another shop in Lowtown, at the corner with Hammerton Fold and run by his nephew, James Booth. The two shops were known as the 'top' and 'bottom' shop. This poster refers to the bottom shop and it had a different customer base to the top shop. It catered more for the working class in the locality whereas the top shop supplied to the middle classes, tradesmen and shopkeepers. Image and information courtesy of John Garnett.
[internal reference; 2010106_171281:LEO 6360]
Algeria Street numbers 7 to 15 from the junction with Kiln Street (Beeston) (2 comments)
Black & White image16th July 1964, View of back-to-back terraced houses in Algeria Street from left to right numbers 7 to 15. A child plays out at number 13. Also showing shop premises on Kiln Street numbers 18 & 16 (right). Kiln Street was likely to be name after the malting industry as there is a large malthouse in the vicinity. Germinating grain was loaded into a large kiln which had a tall conical roof which produced a natural air draught to dry the malt.
[internal reference; 2003317_75466556:WYAS Algeria Street. Box 4/2. No 184]
Algeria Street, nos. 36 - 40 (Beeston)
Black & White image21st July 1964, View of Algeria Street, showing from the left number 40, 38 & 36. The shop on the corner is no 9 Malvern Road. It is interesting to speculate whether Algeria and Tunis Street got their names via a connection with the nearby Malthouse. Malt has been exported to these places in the past and there is a demand which continues to the present day. Old wooden doors on the left shore up an old toilet block in poor state of repair.
[internal reference; 2003312_6940859:WYAS Algeria Street. Box 4/2. No 228 (2nd copy Local Studies D LIC Algeria 2)]
Armley Road (Armley)
Black & White image6th February 1929 Maltings situated at the bottom of Stocks Hill, junction with Mistress Lane. Premises belonged to the Tetley family, established as maltsters in the area, brewers and dealers in spirits and wines. The name of Charles Francis Tetley, who joined the business in 1873 is on this building. He died in 1911.
[internal reference; 2002530_32178896:C LIE Armley (9)]
Armley Road (Armley) (1 comment)
Black & White image6th February 1929 Maltings, used by the Tetley brewing family. Situated at the bottom of Stocks Hill, junction with Mistress Lane. The name Charles Francis Tetley is on the wall. He joined the family business in 1873 and died in 1911.
[internal reference; 2002530_47016543:C LIE Armley (8)]