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[1]Adel Church (Adel) (1 comment)
Adel ChurchUndated, Percy Robinson print with view of Adel Church.
[2]Armley Branch Library & Old Police Station at the Junction of Town Street & Wesley Road (Armley) (8 comments)
Armley Branch Library & Old Police Station at the Junction of Town Street & Wesley RoadUndated, An early view of the new City of Leeds Public Free Library, Armley Branch, on the left. Designed by Percy Robinson it replaced a temporary branch opened in the U.N.F.C. Schoolroom, Carcrofts in 1874. The new library was estimated to have shelving for 21, 740 volumes. Far right at no 3 Town Street is the old police station and the building on the left of it is Temperance Hall.
[3]Armley Library, Drawing and Ground Plan (Armley) (2 comments)
Armley Library, Drawing and Ground Plan23rd March 1900 Armley Library, architect Percy Robinson's design and drawing. The library opened to the public in 1902, it was the first purpose built library in Leeds. A lending department, reading room and separate ladies room were provided. Later, the basement area was a childrens library. The building has had a total refurbishment and houses various council services, including library service under the title of a One-Stop-Shop.
[4]Armley Library, Interior (Armley) (11 comments)
Armley Library, InteriorUndated. Interior view of Armley library. Designed by Percy Robinson, a central dome and sky lights create light in the lending section of the library. Dating from a time when library users were as strictly ordered as the book stock, a notice states that 'ticket holders only admitted'.
[5]Armley Library, Stocks Hill (Armley) (1 comment)
Armley Library, Stocks Hill1996. View of Armley Branch Library at the junction of Wesley Road, leading off to the right, and Stocks Hill, up ahead on the left. Designed by Percy Robinson and opened in 1902, it is now a listed building, though following a total refurbishment in 2002-3 it has now been transfomed into a 'one-stop shop' offering various council services in addition to the library.
[6]Carr Hall (Hunslet)
Carr HallUndated, Percy Robinson print of Carr Hall, Hunslet Moor Side. It was a brick house with leaded windows and stone mullions
[7]Church Street, Old Cottages (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Church Street, Old Cottages Undated, Percy Robinson print of old cottages, Church Street. Named for St. Mary's Church, Hunslet Parish Church.
[8]Duncan Street (City Centre)
Duncan Street28th October 1999 View of Duncan Street looking towards the Corn Exchange. Originally known as Fleet Street but Admiral Viscount Duncan's victory at Camperdown in October 1797 caused the change of name. Rawcliffes, school and sports outfitter can be seen on the left. It was opened in 1914 transferring from Woodhouse Lane. The building was designed by Percy Robinson. The company was founded in 1897.
[9]Duncan Street, Rawcliffes Ltd (City Centre)
Duncan Street, Rawcliffes Ltdc1970s. View of Rawcliffes Clothiers at no. 7 Duncan Street, taken in the early 1970s. The building, designed by Percy Robinson and completed in 1905, is shown in need of repair with several windows broken. It was later renovated and Rawcliffes continued trading from the same premises, specialising in school uniforms, for a number of years before moving to York Road. The building is currently empty (2006).
[10]Kirkstall Abbey, Robinson Print (Kirkstall)
Kirkstall Abbey, Robinson PrintUpdated, This is a view of Kirkstall Abbey, from a Percy Robinson Print.
[11]Knostrop Old Hall (Knostrop)
Knostrop Old HallUndated. Print titled 'Knostrop Old Hall' by Percy Robinson.
[12]Leeds Town Hall, Print (City Centre) (1 comment)
Leeds Town Hall, PrintUndated, Percy Robinson print of Leeds Town Hall, this view is looking from St. James Square to the back of the Town Hall. The Civic Hall was built on this site.
[13]Low Road, house (Hunslet)
Low Road, houseUndated. Print by Percy Robinson titled 'Old House,Low Road,Hunslet'. This print is of Red House on Low Road.
[14]Old Briggate, print (City Centre) (1 comment)
Old Briggate, printUndated. Print by artist Percy Robinson titled 'Old Briggate'
[15]Old Buildings in yard off Briggate, print (City Centre) (1 comment)
Old Buildings in yard off Briggate, printUndated. Print by Percy Robinson entitled 'Old Buildings in yard off Briggate'. The yard is Lambert's Yard, and had been known as such since at least 1826 when it was listed in a trade directory next to George Lambert's grocery business at no. 163 Briggate. It continued to be known as Lambert's Yard after the Lambert family left the premises. Percy Robinson (1868-1950), was an artist and architect who had premises on Albion Street. He was responsible for the design of, among others, Armley Branch Library and the Yorkshire Building Society building at the corner of Briggate and Duncan Street. The name Lambert's Yard would certainly have been in use during his time but whether he was unaware of it or chose not to include it in his title we cannot be sure.
[16]Old George Hotel, Briggate (City Centre)
Old George Hotel, BriggateUndated. Print by artist Percy Robinson titled 'Old George Hotel, Briggate'
[17]Old house in South Brook Street, print (Hunslet)
Old house in South Brook Street, printUndated. Leeds View by Percy Robinson titled 'Old House in South Brook Street'
[18]Old Leeds Bridge by Percy Robinson (City Centre)
Old Leeds Bridge by Percy RobinsonUndated. Print by artist Percy Robinson titled 'Old Leeds Bridge'
[19]Old Parish Church (City Centre)
Old Parish Church View of the old Leeds Parish Church of St. Peters. This building was demolished in 1838 and the present church constructed. The new church was consecrated in 1841. This is a Percy Robinson Print.
[20]Old Shop in Briggate, print (City Centre) (2 comments)
Old Shop in Briggate, printUndated. Print by Percy Robinson, titled 'Old Shop in Briggate'
[21]St. John's Church, New Briggate (City Centre)
St. JohnUndated Drawing by Percy Robinson of St. John's Church, New Briggate from around 1878.
[22]St. John's Court (City Centre)
St. JohnUndated, Cottages in St. John's Court, these would have been in the vicinity of St John's Church. New Briggate. These were several yards and courts of dwellings to the Wade Lane side of the church. Print by Percy Robinson.
[23]St.Peter's Parish Church, from the River (City Centre)
St.Peterc.1894 Lithographic print, by Percy Robinson, c1894 ' St Peter's Parish Church from the River 1894'
[24]Stocks Hill, Armley Library (Armley)
Stocks Hill, Armley Libraryc1970s. View from around the early 1970s of Armley Library at the junction of Stocks Hill and Wesley Road. Designed by Percy Robinson, the library was built in 1901 and opened in April 1902.
[25]Stocks Hill, Armley Library (Armley)
Stocks Hill, Armley LibraryJune 1985. View of Armley Branch Library at the junction of Stocks Hill and Wesley Road. Designed by Percy Robinson, the library was opened in April 1902 and is now a listed building.
[26]Temple Newsam House (Temple Newsam)
Temple Newsam House Undated, Percy Robinson print of Temple Newsam House.
[27]The Coloured Cloth Hall, print (City Centre) (1 comment)
The Coloured Cloth Hall, printUndated. Print by Percy Robinson titled 'The Coloured Cloth Hall'
[28]The Old Grammar School, Print (City Centre)
The Old Grammar School, PrintPrint by Percy Robinson, titled 'The Old Grammar School'. This was the Grammar School gifted by John Harrison and built in 1624 on land between Vicar Lane/ North Street and New Briggate. It was demolished in 1900.
[29]The Old Infirmary by Percy Robinson (City Centre)
The Old Infirmary by Percy RobinsonUndated. Print showing 'The Old Infirmary' by Percy Robinson.
[30]The Old Parish Church, print (City Centre)
The Old Parish Church, printUndated. Print by Percy Robinson, Leeds view titled 'The Old Parish Church,pulled down 1838'
[31]The Oldest Shop in Briggate (City Centre) (1 comment)
The Oldest Shop in BriggateUndated. The oldest shop in Briggate built by Richard Sykes (one time mayor of Leeds) as a place of residence in 1615. The date on the original etching is 1513. It should be 1613 according to Percy Robinson. The photograph is taken from an etching in which the date 1513 has been altered to 1613 by a later hand. Belonged to Charles Crabtree, Hosier, 1861 - 1887. Later to Timpson's boot dealers and was demolished in 1955 for extensions to Timpsons.
[32]The Porch, Adel Church (Adel)
The Porch, Adel Church1890 The Norman Porch, Adel Church. This is a Percy Robinson print which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1890.
[33]The Red Hall, King Charles Croft, Print (City Centre)
The Red Hall, King Charles Croft, PrintUndated. Print by Percy Robinson titled 'The Red Hall, King Charles Croft'
[34]Trinity Church, Boar Lane (City Centre)
Trinity Church, Boar LaneUndated, This view of Trinity Church shows the original spire, which was badly damaged by a hurricane on Monday 7th January 1837. It was later replaced by a design of Robert Chantrell's. Percy Robinson Print.
[35]White Cloth Hall, Print (City Centre)
White Cloth Hall, PrintUndated, Percy Robinson print, showing the entrance and cupola of the White Cloth Hall, situated behind the Corn Exchange. The remaining part of this building is now a restaurant.