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Ashfield Street from Cambridge Road, coronation street party decorations (Woodhouse)
Black & White image1953. View of Ashfield Street, festooned with bunting and decorations for a coronation street party. The photograph was taken by Mr. Herbert Thompson of number 41 Oxford Road whose house was at the junction with Ashfield Street and who was very much involved in the organisation of the street celebration. A Union Jack and a sign reading 'God Bless Our Queen' are strung across the street, where a number of people can be seen. In the foreground is Cambridge Road and the view is towards Lapish Street and Ashfield Engineering Works. The tall building in the bacground is possibly Perseverance Mills.
[internal reference; 20131223_174811:LEO 7574]
Ashfield Street, coronation street party decorations (Woodhouse)
Black & White image1953. Photograph by local resident, Herbert Thompson showing decoration and bunting stretching across Ashfield Street in celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Mr. Thompson of number 41 Oxford Road (at the junction with Ashfield Street) had been helping to put up the decorations and later was involved in furnishing the street with tables and chairs. All the local families in this close-knit community got together to provide food and drink for the pary. Two large Union Jacks are displayed in the centre of the street and a sign most likely reads 'Long May She Reign'. On the right-hand side of the street a beer barrel is mounted on a table. The photograph is taken from Oxford Road looking towards Cambridge Road where a woman can be seen standing at the junction. Posters and advertising boards cover the gable ends of Claro Place and Claro Grove. The houses in the background, with windows facing are in Claro Place.
[internal reference; 20131223_174810:LEO 7573]
Ashfield Street, coronation street party decorations (Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Black & White image1953. View from a bedroom window of number 41 Oxford Road looking across at the coronation part street decorations in Ashfield Street. Festive bunting stretches across from one side of the street to the other with a huge crown at the centre. Number 41 Oxford Road was the corner house at the junction with Ashfield Street and the house was occupied at that time by Herbert and Eileen Thompson and their children. Mr. Thompson was involved in the preparations for the party including erecting the decorations and setting out the tables and chairs. He took this photograph. The homes seen here are back-to-back terraces and number 14 and 16 Ashfield Street. A little group of four young children stand in the doorway of number 14, watching the proceedings.
[internal reference; 20131223_174814:LEO 7576]
Ashfield Street, coronation street party preparations in progress (Woodhouse)
Black & White image1953. Bird's eye view from a bedroom window of number 41 Oxford Road, looking down on the coronation street party preparations in progress in Ashfield Street. The photograph was taken by the occupant of number 41 Oxford Road, Mr. Herbert Thompson, who, along with other local residents, helped with the street decoration and the setting out of tables and chairs for the party. Number 41 was the corner house at the junction with Ashfield Street. The gable end, in the top right-hand corner, with posters, belong to back-to-back houses in Claro Place and Claro Grove and Cambridge Roads runs in front of them. The terraced homes in the background are in Claro Place. In the foreground, left, part of number 14 Ashfield Street is visible and the ladder is leaning against the wall of number 16. Further down is number 8. Festive bunting is being hung across Ashfield Street from the bedroom windows and a giant crown is a focal point.
[internal reference; 20131223_174813:LEO 7575]
Brander Mount, V.E. Day Street Party (Gipton) (27 comments)
Black & White image1945. Image shows a street party underway in Brander Mount in celebration of V.E. Day. Most of the children are seated at tables arranged in a long line in the road, and many are wearing party hats. The adult residents have clubbed together to provide a party tea for everyone. Musical entertainment is being contributed by a young woman with an accordian, seen towards the left. Among the residents of Brander Mount are Alice and Alf Whitehead of number 85, and their grandson, Les Deighton. A woman is holidng up a V for victory sign and she is thought to be Betty Douglas. The lady in the foreground, kneeling, in floral apron and holding a baby, is believed to be Mrs. Chapman. Other names include Steven and Frank Chapman, Ricky Mitchell, Alec Murphy and a family called Brady. Image and information courtesy of L.W. Deighton.
[internal reference; 2010222_170339:LEO 4844]