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Location - Burmantofts

Accommodation Road no. 77, Pineapple Hotel (Burmantofts) (1 comment)
Black & White image15th December 1942. The derelict Pineapple Hotel at number 77 Accommodation Road, taken from Littler Street. The former owner was John Lord Naylor.
[internal reference; 6816:CLIN Acc 2]
Accommodation Road No.77, Pineapple Hotel (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Black & White image15th December 1942. The junction of Accommodation Road and Accommodation Row, showing the derelict Pineapple Hotel at number 77. Torn posters for The Princess and The Picture House cinemas are visible. Blackout stripes are visible on the kerbs and a streetlamp.
[internal reference; 6817:CLIN Acc 1]
Accommodation Road nos. 96, 98 (Burmantofts) (3 comments)
Black & White image26th May 1960, On the left is East Beckett Street, number 98 Accommodation Road is a fresh fish shop, business of J Burton. To the right 98 is a bakers shop. This business was established in 1886, the bakehouse is on the right, at the corner with Melrose Street.
[internal reference; 200319_50356692:WYAS Burns Street Box 22/1 No 50]
Accommodation Road, 17-23 (Burmantofts) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. 17-23 Accommodation Road, with group of small children to left of picture, standing next to gas lamp. Property shown belongs to C. Rawnsley and B. Hoyle.
[internal reference; 87:CLIB Acc 2]
Accommodation Road, Nippet Terrace (Burmantofts) (11 comments)
Black & White image27th May 1960, Accommodation Road is on the left, the corner with Leith Street can just be seen. Moving right is the junction with Perth Street, the shop on the corner here was 88 Accommodation Road. In the centre is an off licence, shop number 82 (86 is missing from the sequence). Nippet Terrace is on the right, a congregational chapel can just be seen, which was off Shakespeare Street.
[internal reference; 200319_72983951:WYAS Burns Street Box 22/1 No 70]