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Location - Burmantofts

Accommodation Place, nos.11, 13, 15 (Burmantofts)
Black & White imageUndated This view of Accommodation Place was taken before demolition clearance began in the area, around the mid 1950s. This locality was Newtown, part of the wider Burmantofts area. The three back-to-back houses number 11 on the left, 13 in the middle and 15 on the right.
[internal reference; 200317_77532596:WYAS (Burmantofts) Box no 21/2, no 115]
Accommodation Place, nos.17-25 (Burmantofts) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated The two sides of Accommodation Place formed a triangular shape, with the point towards Green Street and the junction with Pear Street. Between the two rows, a few houses formed another triangle in the centre. This view is looking towards Farrar Street, the numbers begin on the left with 17 then follow to the right in ascending order, 19, 21, 23 and 25 on the end.
[internal reference; 200317_68609256:WYAS (Burmantofts) Box no 21/2, no 114]
Accommodation Place, nos.1-9 (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated This part of Accommodation Place began with the premises of North Leeds Working Mens Club and Institute, numbers 1/3 on the right. Next, moving right are 5, 7 and 9 on the left, where a woman stands in the doorway. This street was to be included in the Burmantofts clearance plan, the precise locality was Newtown, photo taken in the mid 1950s. Green Road was to the right at the junction with Pear Street. The North Leeds W.M.C. faced onto Green Road.
[internal reference; 200317_31185549:WYAS (Burmantofts) Box no 21/2, no 116]
Accommodation Place, nos.2, 4 (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated Accommodation Place, on the left is a derelict house, then number 4, 2 is at the right end. This is the junction with Green Road. Property would be demolished as part of the Burmantofts clearance plan, photo taken in the mid 1950s.
[internal reference; 200317_8617800:WYAS (Burmantofts) Box no 21/2, no 121]
Accommodation Road and Great Garden Street - looking SW (Burmantofts) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Corner of Great Garden Street and Accommodation Road, showing corner shop with wall advertising for Mansion Polish; children playing in street and group of men on doorstep. Property shown belongs to one Clara Sutcliffe.
[internal reference; 86:CLIB Acc 1]