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Location - Scholes

Green Lodge Farm no. 46 Main Street, Scholes, View of an Old Barn (Scholes)
Colour image2000. This view is taken from the main street in Scholes village and shows a very old barn belonging to Green Lodge Farm, 46 Main Street. Stones would have been gathered from the fields to construct the barn, evidenced from the differences in tone and sizes of stone. The gateway on he left gives access to Green Lodge Farm, also known as Cullen's Farm.
[internal reference; 2003912_81325931:MIL B/1. No.21]
Main Street, Scholes, Farm Buildings (Scholes)
Colour image2000. Looking from Main Street, Scholes, through a gateway at old brick and stone built farm buildings.
[internal reference; 2003912_62931460:MIL B/1. No.22]
Main Street, Scholes, Old Stable Buildings (Scholes) (1 comment)
Colour image2000. View of old brick built stables situated on farm land off Main Street, Scholes. A horse looks out over the stable door at the camera.
[internal reference; 2003912_58044070:MIL B/1. No.23]
Main Street, Scholes, York Road (Scholes) (2 comments)
Colour image2000. This view of Main Street, Scholes is looking in the direction of York Road. On the left is the Methodist Church with the gable end fronting the road. On the right is the Barleycorn public house.
[internal reference; 2003912_84547061:MIL B/1. No.24]
Scholes Library, interior view (Scholes) (1 comment)
Colour image1995. Interior view of Scholes Branch Library at no. 3 Station Road. Customers are browsing the fiction shelves around the walls.
[internal reference; 20081021_167603:SMALL BRANCH LIBRARIES 1995 PACK 3/15]