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Location - Chapel Allerton

Allerton Hall (Chapel Allerton)
Black & White imageUndated. Rear view of Allerton Hall, showing stable building. The hall was built of red brick, originally Georgian, it was altered in the late 19th Century for William Jackson MP, who was later Lord Allerton.
[internal reference; 20021016_85868472:Historic Interest List E, E27(2)]
Allerton Hall (Chapel Allerton) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Allerton Hall at Chapel Allerton. From Mr Brown's photographs of old Leeds.
[internal reference; 8595:LIE Chapel (browsing neg no 205)]
Allerton Hall, between Wensley Drive and Stainbeck Lane (Chapel Allerton) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Allerton Hall between Wensley Drive and Stainbeck Lane, the home of the Kitchingman family for over 300 years. In 1755 it was purchased by Josiah Oates, a merchant and an ancestor of Captain Laurence Edward Oates who perished in a blizzard at the age of 32 on the Scott Antartic expedition in 1912. A brass plaque commemmorates him in Leeds Parish Church. Much of Allerton Hall, then a 60 room mansion, was demolished when it transferred to the ownership of William Jackson M.P., who became the first Lord Allerton in 1902. Now, the oldest remaining part of the Hall is the east wing which dates from the 18th Century. This photograph is undated but it must have been taken at an earlier period than an alternative image which may be viewed on the Leodis website. This is because the construction of the east wing, right, has a flat roof with a parapet. Later, as shown in the other image, a pitched roof was constructed on the east wing. The tower in the centre is a later addition than the east wing. The window in the right return of the tower was made smaller when the new roof was constructed. The extensions to the left of the tower were still later additions. Allerton Hall is a Grade II listed building and flats by the name of Wensleydale Court have been built in the grounds.
[internal reference; 2004122_57326907:N LIE Barran]
Allerton Park no. 4 (Chapel Allerton) (67 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Looking South at number 4 Allerton Park, Falloden Nursing Home. The building has a wooden fence enclosing shrubs and trees. A car is parked outside.
[internal reference; 7958:CLIC Aller 24]
Back Potternewton Lane, looking towards Methley Place (Chapel Allerton)
Black & White imageMarch 1980. View shows Back Potternewton Lane looking up towards Methley Place. Potternewton Gardens are seen on the left, while buildings on the right face onto Potternewton Lane.
[internal reference; 201831_176492:LEO 8876]