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Location - Chapeltown

Back Francis Street seen from the junction with Nassau Place (Chapeltown)
Black & White image1971. View of properties in Back Francis Street, this part of which ran between and parallel to Francis Street and Louis Street. Back Francis Street is photographed from Nassau Place (foreground). These are large, through terraced homes, fronting the south side of Francis Street at the other side. This part of the street is situated between Nassau Place and Hamilton Place and, from the foreground back, the houses number 32 to 56. In the background the white building is at the corner with Hamilton Place and Back Francis Street, fronting, and with gardens stretching onto Louis Street. It is numbered as 47a Louis Street, is still there and was later converted to a shop. This area, bordered by Francis Street, Hamilton Place and Louis Street, was demolished and rebuilt as Hamilton Gardens and Back Francis Street was renamed as such. The section of Nassau Place (in foreground) between Francis Street and Louis Street became absorbed into the development. As originally Nassau Place ran from Leopold Street to Harehills Avenue. The remaining section of Back Francis Street, running from Hamilton Place to Frankland Place, was renamed Frankland Grove and is to the left of the white property mentioned above. (Information from Paul Burniston.)
[internal reference; 2012618_173725:LEO 6793]
Barrack Road (Chapeltown)
Black & White image2nd December 1926 Old Guard House on Barrack Road, which ran between Chapeltown Road and Roundhay Road. Part of the old Chapeltown Cavalary Barracks.
[internal reference; 2002424_97788638:C LIE Bar (1)]
Barrack Road (Chapeltown) (2 comments)
Black & White image18th October 1927. View looking along Barrack Road on to Chapeltown Cavalry Barracks. The barracks were on both sides of Barrack Road.
[internal reference; 2002610_18366640:C LIHG Chapel (6)]
Black Music Festival, Potternewton Park (Chapeltown)
Black & White image27th August 1989. Image taken on Bank Holiday Sunday, 27th August 1989, at the Black Music Festival held annually in Potternewton Park. It is a free community event sponsored by Leeds City Council and is the biggest Black Music Festival in Europe. This was the fourth Leeds Reggae Concert and included musicians and performers from the Caribbean and the U.S.A. In this image Jamaican Dub poet, Ras Fikre, is performing to the crowds. As well as the more well known artists, the Festival is also a showcase for local talent.
[internal reference; 2010524_170773:LEO 5053]
Blind Institute, Roundhay Road (Chapeltown) (5 comments)
Black & White image7th September 1936. Number 79 Roundhay Road, Leeds Institue for the Blind (Blind School). Educational and Occupational centre, Goods produced were sold at 58, the Headrow, where the Institute had a dedicated shop. On the left in this view is Barrack Road.
[internal reference; 200278_44346255:C LIL Blind ( 1 )]