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Location - Gipton

Brander Mount, Councillor George Mudie with tenants (Gipton)
Black & White image1987. Image show Councillor George Mudie as he presents keys to new tenants of Brander Mount. This was the conversion of 12 'cottage' style flats to 6 2-bedroomed semi-detached homes, carried out under the Priority Estates Programme and the Community Refurbishment Scheme. It was part of a long-term plan by Leeds City Council to improve the standard of older housing estates in the city. The houses were equipped with new bathrooms, central heating, new roofing, re-wiring and new doors and windows at a cost of £20,000 each. The new tenants pictured are Geoff, and Brenda Bull with Mrs. Bull's mother, Mrs. Lizzie Speight and Jane Green with her nine month old daughter, Rachel.
[internal reference; 2009105_169487:LEO 4369]
Brander Mount, V.E. Day Street Party (Gipton) (27 comments)
Black & White image1945. Image shows a street party underway in Brander Mount in celebration of V.E. Day. Most of the children are seated at tables arranged in a long line in the road, and many are wearing party hats. The adult residents have clubbed together to provide a party tea for everyone. Musical entertainment is being contributed by a young woman with an accordian, seen towards the left. Among the residents of Brander Mount are Alice and Alf Whitehead of number 85, and their grandson, Les Deighton. A woman is holidng up a V for victory sign and she is thought to be Betty Douglas. The lady in the foreground, kneeling, in floral apron and holding a baby, is believed to be Mrs. Chapman. Other names include Steven and Frank Chapman, Ricky Mitchell, Alec Murphy and a family called Brady. Image and information courtesy of L.W. Deighton.
[internal reference; 2010222_170339:LEO 4844]
Brander Road nos. 59, 61 (Gipton) (4 comments)
Black & White image22nd March 1937. View of number 59 Brander Road which is Brander Road Cake shop and the premises of Mrs L. Rudge. Next door at 61 is Frank Morritt, Butchers.
[internal reference; 200274_69904727:C LIP Brand ( 3 )]
Brander Road, Frank Morritt, Butchers (Gipton) (1 comment)
Black & White image22nd March 1937. View of butchers shop at 63 Brander Road, the business of Frank Morritt.
[internal reference; 200274_47137088:C LIP Brand ( 2 )]
Brander Road, No.72, 74 (Gipton) (4 comments)
Black & White image18th April 1939. View of Brander Road Post Office, prop: John Whelan, which is at 72 Brander Road. Next door on the left are the grocery premises of Miss Annie Wilkinson at 74. A cigarette machine and post box can be seen outside.
[internal reference; 200274_26101321:C LIP Brand ( 5 )]