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Location - Armley

Palace Picture Hall, Eyres Avenue (Armley) (80 comments)
Black & White image1970. View of the former Palace Picture Hall, shown here as The New Western Bingo Hall, located in Eyres Avenue. The building was opened as an 800 seater cinema on Monday 26th August 1912, advertising as the "Finest Picture Hall in West Leeds". The premises, formerly Armley Rink, had been completely re-designed under the personal supervision of Managing Director, Councillor Ezra Hoyle. The opening film was 'The Governor's Daughter' and seats could be booked in advance for 2d (1p). Ticket prices were 2d (1p), 4d (1.5p) and 6d (2.5p). One thousand people attended the two evening performances on opening night. It was described as "the most healthy and comfortable hall in the distict, breathing area 500 cu.ft to each person when the hall is full", also the management boasted that "persons entering while the pictures are being exhibited are shown to their seats by young ladies who have electric flash lights." Part of the building was converted into a dance hall and a cafe was attached. By 1937 the dance hall had been converted back to a skating rink, operating alongside the cinema. The Armley Palace Picture Hall closed on Saturday 22nd August 1964 with a showing of 'Summer Magic' starring Hayley Mills. The premises were subsequently converted to the New Western Bingo Hall. Here, it is advertising a £400 jackpot.
[internal reference; 20041210_92383975:CINE 29]
Abbott Place nos. 10-16 (Armley) (2 comments)
Black & White image2nd February 1968 Image shows four double fronted back-to-back terraced houses flanked by yards originally built to house shared outdoor toilets. Houses 10 & 12 retain the original leaded glass windows and on the lower wall of each house is a cast iron covered coal hole once used to deliver coal to the coal cellar. Visible in the foreground are the roofs of cars parked in the street.
[internal reference; 200334_73212832:WYAS(Armley Road, Parliament Road) Box 8, No. 43]
Abbott Place, from Armley Road (Armley) (19 comments)
Black & White image2nd February 1968. Image shows back-to-back terraces on Abbott Place off Armley Road with cars parked on the street. On the corner a letter box stands outside the Castleton Post Office also the National Insurance dispensing chemist run by E.D. Garvin M.P.S. To the right of this is D & M Darbishire newsagents, advertising Capstan and Players cigarettes, with an advertisement for Dettol wall mounted above the shop. Just seen on the far right is Abbot Street.
[internal reference; 200334_71586246:WYAS(Armley Road, Parliament Road) Box 8, No. 42]
Abbott Road No; 2-8 (Armley)
Black & White image1st February 1968 Image shows four back-to-back terraced houses at Armley Road end. On the left is a yard originally used for an outdoor toilet, - with house No 8 on the right. Cast iron plates at pavement level on the wall of each house once gave access to coal cellars.
[internal reference; 200334_43633670:WYAS (Armley Rd, Parliament Rd, Box No;8,No;1)]
Abbott Road nos. 1-7 (Armley)
Black & White image1st February 1968 Image shows a block of three back-to-back double fronted terraces with Armley Rd on the left and a yard previously used for an outdoor toilet on the right. Visible on the left on the gable end of the building is an advert for sunbrite. Cast iron plates at pavement level of each house once gave access to coal cellars.
[internal reference; 200334_35847109:WYAS(Armley Road, Parliament Road) Box 8, No. 30]