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Location - Guiseley

Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd., works canteen in Netherfield Road (Guiseley) (1 comment)
Colour image2006. View of the old, single storey works canteen located on the east side of Netherfield Road. It belonged to the woollen mill of Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd., located on the west side of Netherfield Road. The firm was first established in 1837 and a three storey mill was erected in Netherfield Road in 1868. It was destroyed by fire in 1902 and replaced by a single storey building. The works canteen, seen here, was demolished recently to make way for Branwell Park, a new housing development by Redrow Homes. Image courtesy of Anne North & Guiseley Methodist Church.
[internal reference; 2014128_174878:LEO 7813]
Aerial View of Queensway and Shaw Lane Gardens (Guiseley)
Colour imageUndated. Aerial view showing Queensway going from left to right diagonally across the bottom. The junction with Shaw Lane Gardens is on the left and Shaw Lane Gardens runs horizontally above Queensway from left to right. In the bottom left-hand corner Ruskin Crescent runs from the junction with Queensway to the bottom edge. Church Street branches off Ruskin Crescent to the left edge. Image courtesy of Anne North & Guiseley Methodist Church.
[internal reference; 2013123_174307:LEO 7726]
Aerial View, Guiseley (Guiseley)
Black & White imageUndated. 1965? View looking from Hawksworth Lane area across Guiseley. The Tranmere Park estate is in the foreground, Bradford Road is running from left to right across the centre. Otley Road runs from the left at a diagonal to the top edge slightly towards the right. Just in from the right on Bradford Road the construction of the Fieldhead estate is underway, Fieldhead school a little to the north of the construction site.
[internal reference; 2002426_6245058:RA 2078]
Aerial View, Guiseley (Guiseley)
Black & White image1965. Otley Road runs diagonally across the upper portion of this view. On the left can be seen the car park for Harry Ramsden's Fish Restaurant, the roundabout at White Cross is just a little to the right. This view is looking from Hawksworth Lane.
[internal reference; 2002429_53321475:RA 2044]
Aerial View, Guiseley (Guiseley) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Pre 1974. Running top to bottom can be seen, first Moor Lane until it reaches Town Gate, which is in the centre, a little farther down on the right, St. Oswalds church can be seen. The road is now called The Green. To the left, Springhead Mill and newer printing works. The open land on the left is now Aireborough Leisure Centre. Guiseley Town Hall (now Guiseley Theatre) is on the right opposite.
[internal reference; 2002429_66845340:RA 2045]