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Location - Headingley

2nd Northern General Hospital, Beckett's Park, Training College (Headingley) (14 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, The teacher training college at Beckett's Park was built in 1913. During the First World War it was converted to a military hospital. It was officially called the 2nd Northern General Hospital but was more commonly referred to as Beckett's Park Hospital. There were 3200 beds and the hospital treated 57,200 soldiers between 1914 to 1918. The hospital was gradually returned to educational uses until the outbreak of the Second World War when it was used to treat the Dunkirk wounded. The college is now part of Leeds Metropolitan University.
[internal reference; 20031118_14048403:N LIM Beckett (7)]
Aerial View of Headingley Cricket and Rugby Grounds (Headingley) (8 comments)
Black & White image24th August 1947 Headingley Cricket Ground is in the centre with the oblong Rugby Ground below it. Kirkstall Lane runs above the cricket pitch, St Michaels Lane is below, passing the Rugby Ground.
[internal reference; 20031030_34670657:D LIB Headingley (1)]
Aerial View, Headingley Lane, Otley Road, St Michael's Church (Headingley) (3 comments)
Black & White image1926. Aerial view of Headingley. Headingley Lane runs from the top edge. In the centre of the view is St Michael's Church. Outside the church is the War Memorial situated at the junction of Headingley Lane, St Michael's Road, which runs towards the right edge, and Otley Road. Along the top edge are Manor and Richmond streets with the Granby streets seen in the bottom right corner.
[internal reference; 2004218_38790530:T LIB Headingley (3) ]
Alma Cottages (Headingley) (4 comments)
Black & White image5th December 1972. View looks onto a garden situated between numbers 2 and 3 Alma Cottages. Part of number 3 is just visible on the right edge. On the left is a small castellated structure which housed a privy.
[internal reference; 2003106_71087283:WYAS Headingley (North Lane) Box 161, no. 13]
Alma Road (Headingley) (2 comments)
Black & White image11th February 1936. High wall along Alma Road, showing height of wall. Man standing in front of wall for scale. In the distance can be seen a cupola with weathervane on top.
[internal reference; 152:CLIB Alma 1]