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Location - Hunslet

16/01/1956. Old Run Road (Hunslet) (18 comments)
Black & White image16th January 1956. Old Run Road looking north towards Moor Road. Engine farm is to the left of the photograph.
[internal reference; 4493:CLIC Run 4]
Abercorn Place no. 14 (Hunslet) (3 comments)
Black & White image2nd September 1964 Image shows a garage on the left with a double width gate allowing access to a yard and further properties. On the right is number 14 a through terraced house. On the lower wall of the house is a cast iron covered cellar grate once used to deliver coal to the coal cellar.
[internal reference; 2003514_70486087:WYAS Hunslet Hall Road, Box 53/1, no. 153]
Abercorn Place no. 14 (Hunslet)
Black & White image2nd September 1964 Image shows the rear entrance to number 14 Abercorn Place, a through terraced house. Just visible on the left is the one storey structure built to house the outside toilet. A broken chair and childs bicycle are in the yard along with a metal mop bucket and broom. On the right a ladder can be seen hung on the side wall.
[internal reference; 2003514_99428958:WYAS Hunslet Hall Road, Box 53/1, no. 154]
Abercorn Place, Chester Place (Hunslet)
Black & White image1st September 1964 Image shows Abercorn Place on the left and Chester Place on the right. Here are numbers 9 to 13, back-to-back terraced houses with a yard on the right, originally built to house the shared outside toilet. A young boy stands on the steps of number 11 while a young girl plays on the pavement with a dolls pram. Clothes hang above the cobbled street on washing lines strung between terraces.
[internal reference; 2003514_6034487:WYAS Hunslet Hall Road, Box 53/1, no. 143]
Addington Place nos. 1 - 7 (Hunslet) (1 comment)
Black & White image9th March 1959 Image shows four double fronted back-to-back terraced houses flanked by yards originally built to house the shared outside toilet blocks. This area was soon to be demolished and families relocated under a Leeds City Council slum clearance programme.
[internal reference; 200378_56852359:WYAS Moor Crescent Road, Box 76/3, no. 223]