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Location - Hyde Park

Queen's Road, junction with Hartwell Street (Hyde Park)
Black & White image1969. A young girl appears to be just catching a ball whilst playing out on Queen's Road. In the background is Hartwell Street, a back street which has on either side the back yards of the through terraces of Hartwell Place (left) and Hartwell Road (right).
[internal reference; 2015116_175340:LEO 7968]
Queen's Road, Royal Park (Hyde Park) (2 comments)
Colour imagec2001. View shows the Royal Park public house situated at the junction of Queen's Road (left) and Royal Park Road (right).
[internal reference; 2012227_173298:LEO 6522]
Regent Park Avenue (Hyde Park) (1 comment)
Black & White image24th November 1937. Headingley Lane Improvement. Side view of Spurr the stationer on the corner of Regent Park Avenue and Headingley Lane. Car in the bottom right hand corner and in the distance on the right, a shop with the name Green above it, possibly a newsagent.
[internal reference; 2169:CLIB Regent 11]
Royal Park Avenue, nos. 77 & 79 (Hyde Park)
Black & White image27th February 1939. Terraced houses with dormer windows. Front gardens have low stone walls with ornamental iron railings on top. Garden to the right has trees and shrubs visible.
[internal reference; 1515:CLIB Royal 3]
Royal Park Avenue, numbers 67 - 73 (Hyde Park) (5 comments)
Black & White image27th February 1939. View of terraced homes numbered, from the white door on the left, 67-73 Royal Park Avenue. The brick built houses have dormer windows. The bay windows of the front rooms have stained glass squares at the top. Gardens are enclosed by low brick walls topped with ornamental iron fencing. Royal Park Avenue runs between Royal Park Road and Brudenell Road.
[internal reference; 1517:CLIB Royal 1]