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Location - Hyde Park

Queen's Road, Hartwell Terrace (Hyde Park)
Black & White image6th December 1972 Just visible on the far left of the image is Hartwell Road. The house in the gable end of the building is number 2 Queen's Road, the Irene Hair Stylist. The residence entrance to the property is visible on the right of the image on Hartwell Terrace. Visible here are the rear entrances and yards of through terraced houses on Hartwell Road.
[internal reference; 2003116_79560489:WYAS Kings Road (Burley) Box 153, no.14]
Queen's Road, junction with Hartwell Road (Hyde Park) (2 comments)
Black & White image1969. View shows two girls playing out in the street by the junction of Hartwell Road (left) and Queen's Road (right). The premises of Irene, hair stylist, are seen on the corner at no. 2 Queens Road, then moving left are terraced houses on Hartwell Road in descending order from no. 37. Terraced houses on the right are on Autumn Avenue.
[internal reference; 2015116_175339:LEO 7967]
Queen's Road, junction with Hartwell Street (Hyde Park)
Black & White image1969. A young girl appears to be just catching a ball whilst playing out on Queen's Road. In the background is Hartwell Street, a back street which has on either side the back yards of the through terraces of Hartwell Place (left) and Hartwell Road (right).
[internal reference; 2015116_175340:LEO 7968]
Queen's Road, Royal Park (Hyde Park) (2 comments)
Colour imagec2001. View shows the Royal Park public house situated at the junction of Queen's Road (left) and Royal Park Road (right).
[internal reference; 2012227_173298:LEO 6522]
Regent Park Avenue (Hyde Park) (1 comment)
Black & White image24th November 1937. Headingley Lane Improvement. Side view of Spurr the stationer on the corner of Regent Park Avenue and Headingley Lane. Car in the bottom right hand corner and in the distance on the right, a shop with the name Green above it, possibly a newsagent.
[internal reference; 2169:CLIB Regent 11]