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Location - Little London

Albert Grove nos. 14-32 (Little London) (2 comments)
Black & White image1956, Looking along Albert Grove between numbers 14-232 in the direction of Wintoun Street. This side of Albert Grove was facing Lovell Road School.
[internal reference; 2003221_29591006:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 93]
Albert Grove nos. 59-71 (Little London)
Black & White image1956. This photo shows the curving line of Albert Grove with houses and gardens of varying size. On the left the first house is number 59, moving right, numbers follow in sequence to 61 on the right. The last house on the right edge which would have been 71 is derelict.
[internal reference; 2003221_16793459:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 78]
Albert Grove nos. 7 - 9 (Little London)
Black & White image22nd February 1944. View of three storey brick terraces on Albert Grove. Numbers 7 and 9 are the central, derelict properties with broken windows and damaged walls. In front of the broken garden wall are two children.
[internal reference; 8777:CLIC Albert 1]
Albert Grove, 98 Carlisle Terrace , Rear View, nos. 10, 12 (Little London)
Black & White image1956, On the left at the corner of Albert Grove and Leeds Terrace is the Leeds Jewish Women's Public Baths (Mikvah). Moving right the derelict building was 98 Albert Grove. On the right is the rear view of number 10, 12 Carlisle Terrace.
[internal reference; 2003221_30846804:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 98]
Albert Grove, derelict terraced houses (Little London) (4 comments)
Black & White image14th February 1950. View of derelict houses, which front Northfield Terrace at the other side, viewed from Albert Grove. The four storey houses on the left have broken and bricked up windows. The houses on the right are occupied. Tiger's Grocers is at the junction with Trafalgar Terrace on the far right, at numbers 53 - 55 Albert Grove. The triangular roof with 3 vertically arranged windows is the back and side view of numbers 5 & 7 Trafalgar Terrace. The odd-numbered side of Albert Grove began with number 1, off camera, left, at the junction with Lovell Road. The enclosing garden walls with doors lead onto the cobbled street. A small boy is sitting in the doorway of the house above the shop.
[internal reference; 8778:CLIC Albert 3]
Albert Grove, Garages (Little London)
Black & White image1956, View of Albert Grove, looking towards the junction with Trafalgar Terrace.
[internal reference; 2003224_75066775:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 146]
Albert Grove, Jewish Baths (Mikvah) (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image1956. Leeds Terrace is on the left and Albert Grove to the right. On the junction is the Jewish Women's Public Baths and two Mikvah baths. These resembled wide mouthed wells and were used for ritual cleansing observance. They were later leased by the Jewish community who took responsibility for them. The cost of the land and building was £2,400 and the baths opened in October 1905. In 1909/10 there were on average 800 attendances a month; by 1957 it was less than 40 a month. By then the building was in a poor state of repair and the area had generally deteriorated. The Jewish population had on the whole moved to areas in North Leeds. The Albert Grove baths closed finally on 5th January 1968. A new Mikvah was opened in November 1994 at the Etz Chaim Synagogue in Moortown.
[internal reference; 2003224_87263126:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 147]
Albert Grove, Jewish Baths (Mikvah) (Little London)
Black & White image1956. The Jewish Community in Leeds began to be established around 1840 and as the population grew provision was made for their religious needs. One of the obligations of a woman is cleansing herself at the Mikvah to obey the laws of family purity. As the Jewish community grew, the North Street/Camp Road area (in addition to the Leylands) became home to many. Building a Jewish Women's Public Baths in this area provided a necessary facility for many residents. This view shows Albert Grove with the junction with Leeds Terrace on the left.
[internal reference; 2003224_92799014:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 147]
Albert Grove, looking towards Mill Lane (Little London)
Black & White imageAugust 1902. This view shows properties on Albert Grove, looking down towards Mill Lane on the left. On the far left is the gable end of the Golden Cross public house (landlord Alfred Redmayne) which fronted onto North Street. The building in full view was part of George Edward Hartley's furniture store; access was via Leeds Terrace at the back. Behind the photographer were the blind backs of Elmwood Cottages.
[internal reference; 2002416_1462954:C LIC North (24)]
Albert Grove, nos. 1 - 3 (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image14th February 1950. Semi-derelict houses on Albert Grove, near the junction with Lovell Road. Numbers 1 and 3 are prominent, with number 3 being the most badly damaged. The premises of G.H. Harrison & Son (Leeds) Ltd. can be seen along Lovell Road at number 33. To the right is a completely derelict property. A car and a gas streetlamp are visible.
[internal reference; 8586:CLIC Albert 4]
Albert Grove, nos. 24, 28, 34 (Little London) (2 comments)
Black & White image1956, Section of Albert Grove, the first house in full view from the left is number 24, next to the right is 28. The house with the car parked in front is 34.
[internal reference; 2003226_21554202:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 1/2 No 62]
Albert Grove, nos. 44, 46 (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image1956. This is the corner of Wintoun Street, on the left and a section of Albert Grove. Part of Albert Grove was constructed of back-to-back type houses with gardens. Access to both sides was gained through a series of alleys built between the houses. They all had even numbers which were staggered between the two sides. On the left are numbers 44 then 46.
[internal reference; 2003221_1176089:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 79]
Albert Grove, nos. 47 - 53, Trafalgar Terrace (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image1956, Albert Grove, on the left is number 47, moving right are 49, 51. The shop selling mixed goods is number 53, name board for 'Taggers Stores'. Directly behind this block were numbers 5, 7 Trafalgar Terrace. On the right, the opposite side of Trafalgar Square can be seen.
[internal reference; 2003227_21734255:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 1/2 No 67]
Albert Grove, numbers 92, 94 and 96 (Little London)
Black & White image1956. View of old terrace housing in Albert Grove. The house at the left edge is number 96 Albert Grove, also addressed as number 22 Carlisle Terrace which is the front entrance. This house is in a yard which accesses a ginnel connecting Albert Grove to Ramsden Terrace. Next, is number 94 Albert Grove and at the right edge number 92, which has a front entrance addressed as number 2 Ramsden Terrace.
[internal reference; 2003221_19884890:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 82]
Albert Grove, Ramsden Terrace (Little London)
Black & White image1956. In this view the back of Ramsden Terrace is on the left. Albert Grove is on the right, between numbers 44-78. This is looking towards Wintoun Street.
[internal reference; 2003221_16045779:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 81]
Albert Grove, Ramsden Terrace (Little London)
Black & White image1956, Albert Grove, on the bend are two garages, Ramsden Terrace can be seen on the right.
[internal reference; 2003224_12798708:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 145]
Albert Grove, rear of Elmwood Cottages (Little London)
Black & White image1956. View of Albert Grove by the junction with Mill Lane on the right. On the left edge D & M Clothiers factory can be seen. The brick wall with advertising posters is the rear of Elmwood Cottages, numbers 3-7. Products advertised include bread, beer, New Zealand butter and cheese, milk, 'Gleem' toothpaste and Mackintosh's toffee. Also advertised are York and Beverley Races, Hunslet Feast, the Great Yorkshire Ideal Home Exhibition on Woodhouse Moor and cinemas including the Dominion at Chapel Allerton (showing Edward G Robinson in 'Illegal') and the Royal Cinema on Meanwood Road (featuring "Genevieve", "Doctor in the House" and "The Court Jester")
[internal reference; 2003221_88294620:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 99]
Albert Lowres, Bootmaker and Repairer, 183 Meanwood Road (Little London) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows the premises of Albert Lowres, Bootmaker and Repairer, located at number 183 Meanwood Road. The proprietor, Albert James Lowres, is standing to the right of the group in the doorway and is wearing a long apron. He was born in 1871 in Shoreditch and his wife Annie, nee Green, (seen centrally) was born in Stansted in Essex. On the left is Albert's father, Edward William Lowres, who was born on 20th October, 1838 in Bristol. There is decorative arching over the window and the door, and advertising for Parrot Boot Polishes displayed on the glass. The shop was situated on the south-west side of Meanwood Road in a parade of properties between Cambridge Road and Oxford Road.
[internal reference; 20121217_174232:LEO 7007a]
Albert Square (Little London)
Black & White image13th May 1950. The view looking west from Leeds Terrace shows the yard behind Albert Grove. Clearly showing the derelict condition of both the houses and the outbuildings. The yard is cluttered with rubbish and brick rubble. The row of terrace houses at the top of this view have ogee gabled dormer windows with ornate roundels at the apex. There are more buildings and a tree in the background.
[internal reference; 8703:CLIC Albert 8]
Alboni Street nos. 2 - 18 (Little London)
Black & White image24th July 1958 View looking from Alfred Cross Street along the even numbered side of Alboni Street from 18 on the left to 2 on the right. On the left edge is Oatland Road with one of the Herbert Street leading off. This vicinity was where the areas of Woodhouse, Little London and Sheepscar came together.
[internal reference; 200364_33257693:WYAS Little London (Camp Road), Box 67/2, no. 154]