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Location - Moor Allerton

Harrogate Road, Allerton Lodge (Moor Allerton) (1 comment)
Black & White image29th May 1935. Picture shows the stone wall surrounding the grounds of Allerton Lodge on Harrogate Road, where mature trees can be seen. A sign behind the wall advertises "The Leeds School of Riding". At the left edge there is the entrance to the drive of Allerton Lodge. On the far right is an old lodge which once belonged to Keldholme, (number 261 Harrogate Road) a substantial house with a driveway to the right of the property. The lodge is now numbered 259 Harrogate Road and is the premises of a hair & beauty salon run by John Kinsey.
[internal reference; 9193:CLIC Har 65]
Harrogate Road, number 259, former lodge to keldholme (Moor Allerton) (12 comments)
Black & White image29th May 1935. View shows a small dog standing in front of a lodge which is numbered as 259 Harrogate Road. This was once the lodge at the entrance of a substantial house called Keldholme, numbered as 261 Harrogate Road. (In the Leeds Directory of 1906 the lodge was numbered 27, the home of coachman, James Dennis. By 1932 it became number 97 and was occupied by a gardener, Herbert Pickup.) Nowadays, the former lodge is a Hair & Beauty Salon, proprietor, John Kinsey. The approach to Keldholme was accessed to the right of the lodge, off camera. Keldholme is still standing and is part of a development of flats called Kingsway Court, which includes a series of apartment blocks that were built in the grounds of the big house. The complex is named after the Kingsway cinema which was built in the adjoining grounds, belonging to Allerton Lodge, in 1937, two years after the date of this photograph. The high stone wall encloses the grounds of Allerton Lodge where trees are visible. To the left of the lodge in the image is a service drive to Allerton Lodge which still exists today. A sign behind the wall advertises the Leeds School of Riding. The Kingsway Cinema closed down in 1958 and the building was converted to the New Vilna Synagogue which opened in the September of 1959. Eventually, when the synagogue moved elsewhere, the vacant building caught fire and had to be demolished. The site is now that of Beechwood Court, a complex of flats. At the right edge, Hope House can be seen near to the junction with Falklands Mount and the entrance to Allerton Lodge.
[internal reference; 9278:CLIC Har 66]
Homebase Garden centre (Moor Allerton)
Colour image30th September 1999. View of Homebase Garden centre. Plants and trees can be seen enclosed behind glass windows. Sainsburys supermarket is visible on the left.
[internal reference; 2002812_62508792:MIL 27/8a]
King Lane, Queenshill Drive (Moor Allerton) (6 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Image shows on the left King Lane leading down to the outer ring road. Over the roundabout can be seen on the left the site that will be used for the construction of the Moor Allerton shopping centre and library. Visible in the distance is St Stephen's Church. On the right in the foreground is Queenshill Drive.
[internal reference; 200424_21441287:LC/Eng. Blue Box 4. no. 19]
Kingsway Cinema, Harrogate Road (Moor Allerton)
Black & White image24 August 1937. Image shows the Kingsway Cinema, built in the grounds of Allerton Lodge and designed by James Brodie. It opened in June 1937 and was closed 21 years later in the August of 1958. As the established Leeds Jewish community began to move to the north of the city, away from the central area, there was a need for new synagogues to be opened. The New Vilna Synagogue was adapted from the cinema building and opened on 6th September 1959. Eventually, the synagogue was to move to new premises and the vacated building caught fire and had to be demolished. The site is now occupied by Beechwood Court, a complex of flats. At the far right a small lodge can be seen, belonging to Keldholme, a substantial house set back from Harrogate Road. The photograph is taken near to the junction with Falkland Mount, left.
[internal reference; 2002820_64327639:C LIR HAR (1)]