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Location - Roundhay

A Path in The Gorge, Roundhay Park, postcard (Roundhay)
Black & White imagec1907. Postcard with a postmark of 7th November 1907 entitled 'A Path in The Gorge, Roundhay Park'. This is a wooded area at the northerly end of the park through which runs the Great Heads Beck.
[internal reference; 201153_172099:Artemis Pack 34 (Roundhay Park-other) no.6]
Aerial view showing Devonshire Crescent and Sutherland Avenue (Roundhay) (3 comments)
Colour image1983. Aerial view showing Devonshire Crescent and Sutherland Avenue in 1983. Devonshire Crescednt runs from the top left to the centre of the bottom edge. Sutherland Avenue comes in from the centre of the right edge to join Devonshire Crescent. The large building with pitched roof is Shaftesbury Motors Ltd at 74 Sutherland Avenue, with a row of garages fronting Devonshire Crescent. The original premises of Shaftesbury Motors Ltd. was in Devonshire Crescent and these can be see in the centre of the bottom right edge. in later years this became the Crescent Garage. The Telephone Exchange is visible in the top left-hand corner. The semis on the right are addressed as 72, (left) and 70 (right) Sutherland Avenue.
[internal reference; 2010426_170609:LEO 4936]
Aerial View, Roundhay Park, Fearnville Recreation Ground (Roundhay) (2 comments)
Black & White image17th September 1962 Towards the background of this view, Roundhay Park is visible. The tree-lined Prince's Avenue cuts through Soldiers Field and Waterloo Lake can be seen on the right edge. On the right of the bottom edge, Fearnville Recreation Ground is visible.
[internal reference; 20031021_85282535:D LIB Roundhay (1)]
Aerial View, Waterloo Lake, Roundhay Park (Roundhay) (22 comments)
Black & White image1972 In the centre of this view, Waterloo Lake is visible with Roundhay Park stretching out behind. Wetherby Road runs across the foreground. Elmete Drive is visible in the bottom right hand corner.
[internal reference; 20031021_95797366:D LIB Roundhay (2b)]
Almshouses, Wetherby Road (Roundhay) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Founded by Stephen Nicholson in 1837 for retired servants of the Nicholson family or people living in the locality. Residents had to attend the local church twice on Sundays.
[internal reference; 2003218_4061526:Civic Trust F226]