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Location - Shadwell

Park Lane, looking north-east (Shadwell)
Black & White image6th July 1948. View looking north-east along Park Lane. Metal railings and trees line the road on the right. The point where the car is seen is the entrance to Roundhay Park Golfclub house.
[internal reference; 5770:CLIC Round 16]
Aerial View, Red Hall Lane, Coal Road (Shadwell)
Black & White image1962 In the centre of this view, the Red Hall housing estate is in the process of being built. Red Hall Lane runs from the right edge to the bottom edge where a field with bales of hay can be seen. Coal Road is just visible in the bottom left corner.
[internal reference; 20031021_49470156:D LIB Shadwell (1)]
Bay Horse Lane, cottages (Shadwell)
Black & White image1986 View shows a row of three cottages on Bay Horse Lane. These include Bay Horse Cottage on the right then Bay Horse Farmhouse in the centre, with no. 1 Bay Horse Lane on the left. Visible on the far left of the photo is Brookdale Cottage on Brandon Crescent.
[internal reference; 2016115_175680:LEO 8236]
Bay Horse Lane, from Wetherby Road (Shadwell)
Black & White image1985 View looking west from Wetherby Road towards Shadwell on the left. Bay Horse Lane follows round from the first row of houses on the left (known as Bridge Terrace) to the lone house on the far right (Eastfield). Further back on the left are houses on Crofton Rise and Crofton Terrace.
[internal reference; 2016526_175787:LEO 8290]
Brandon Crescent, Brookdale Cottage (Shadwell)
Black & White image1986. View shows Brookdale Cottage, a detached house with outbuildings and garden, situated on Brandon Crescent near the junction with Bay Horse Lane.
[internal reference; 2016115_175681:LEO 8237]