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Location - Swillington

Miner's Welfare Sports Ground, Children at the coronation celebrations (Swillington)
Black & White image1953 Children with happy, smiling faces pose for the camera standing on the steps of the pavilion in the Miner's Welfare Sports Ground. They are wearing decorative hats at a celebration held to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. At this time the mining village of Swillington had a strong sense of community spirit and this comes across in the photograph. The Miner's Welfare Sports Ground is located off the A642 Wakefield Road.
[internal reference; 2007108_164874:LEO 2144]
Miner's Welfare Sports Grounds, Coronation Celebrations on the steps of the pavilion (Swillington)
Black & White image1953 Image shows a group of mainly women on the steps of the pavilion located in the Miner's Welfare Sports Ground off the A642 Wakefield Road. They are wearing festive hats in celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. At this time Swillington was a coal mining village with a close knit community.
[internal reference; 2007108_164873:LEO 2143]
Primrose Hill Colliery, closure (Swillington) (6 comments)
Black & White image6th March 1970 Primrose Hill Colliery after closure, George Prince, the colliery manager C Shaw and training officer Jack Kielty had a drink with the miners who had worked their last shift. The previous week the pit had broken the record for production. Its closure was marked with barrels of free beer for the miners.
[internal reference; 2002911_10985964:WYAS 33]
Swillington Common School, junction of Swillington Lane and Selby Road (Swillington) (9 comments)
Black & White imagec1964. View of Swillington Common School which occupied a corner site at the junction of Swillington Lane, left, and Selby Road, right. The stone built school was demolished and a row of bungalows have since been built on the site.
[internal reference; 2008107_167491:LEO 3429]
Swillington Common School, stone with carved inscription (Swillington)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows a stone with carved inscription inset above the door of Swillington Common School. It reads 'This House was added to the Adjoining School by the Liberality of Sir Charles H. Lowther Bart and Lady Lowther A.D. 1876. Deo Soli Gloria'. Swillington Common School is now demolished but once stood at the corner of Swillington Lane with Selby Road. Bungalows now occupy the site.
[internal reference; 2008107_167490:LEO 3428]