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Location - Robin Hood

Jarvis Square / Jarvis Walk (Robin Hood)
Colour imageSeptember 2006. View of modern red brick built bungalows in the Jarvis Square / Jarvis Walk area. These replaced old prefabricated bungalows which were built after the Second World War. These prefabs lasted far longer that the 10 year lifespan they were designed for. They were intended as a short term solution to a post war housing shortage.
[internal reference; 20061011_162103:LEO 1325]
Jarvis Square, demolition of prefabricated housing (Robin Hood)
Colour imageSeptember 2006. View of prefabricated housing in Jarvis Square on the Robin Hood Estate, about to be demolished after approx. 60 years in existance. These post war homes were erected as part of the Temporary Housing Programme implemented by the Government to cope with the housing crisis at the time. Although as expensive as conventional houses they could be erected very quickly in large numbers to supply the demand, and also did not require as many skilled workers to construct as skilled labour was in short supply in 1945. Prefabricated homes, such as the ones seen here, were the basis of many strong communities throughout the country. So it was with sadness that the last of these houses on the Robin Hood Estate were demolished this year, 2006. They are to be replaced by red brick bungalows.
[internal reference; 20061011_162101:LEO 1323]
Jarvis Square, prefabricated homes scheduled for demolition (Robin Hood)
Colour imageSeptember 2006. Image shows prefabricated houses in Jarvis Square scheduled for demolition. Marchinery and workers are on site to pull down the 60 year old houses which were only designed to have a lifespan of 10 years dating from the end of the Second World War.
[internal reference; 20061011_162100:LEO 1322]
Jarvis Square, Prefabricated houses under going demolition (Robin Hood)
Colour imageSeptember 2006. Single storey, prefabricated houses are undergoing demolition in Jarvis Square after approx. 60 years in existance. These homes date from the end of the Second World War and were only ever designed to be temporary with an expected lifespan of 10 years. An application was submitted in 2004 to build 85 new dwelling houses and extend 18 existing dwelling houses. This application was approved.
[internal reference; 20061011_162102:LEO 1324]
Jarvis Square, prefabricated houses, shortly to be demolished. (Robin Hood)
Colour imageSeptember 2006. These prefabricated houses in Jarvis Square are a typical example of housing erected during the Governments Temporary Housing Programme at the end of the Second World War. Residents became very fond of their homes on this estate and made improvements over the sixty years of their existance. The image was photographed during demolition, so the houses have a original neglected air. They far outlived their 'temporary' life span of only 10 years.
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