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Location - Quarry Hill

Aerial View, Quarry Hill Flats, River Aire (Quarry Hill) (2 comments)
Black & White image1965 The River Aire runs from left to right at the top of this view. Crown Point Bridge is visible in the centre with Leeds Bridge towards the top right corner. Below this, the railway spans the view, originally providing access for the Marsh Lane Goods Station. Quarry Hill Flats are in the centre of the view with Mabgate area along the bottom edge.
[internal reference; 20031021_76589602:D LIB Quarry (5)]
Allison's Buildings (Quarry Hill)
Black & White image1901. View looking east of Allison's Buildings, which were situated off Charles Street. Cottage dwellings of varying size, with outside toilets. On the left is access to other property, at the end of the row on the right are steps and a balcony over the entrance from Charles Street. Next to this entrance was the Commodore Napier Public House. Barrels are on the pavement outside the back of the public house.
[internal reference; 2002109_93917484:Unhealthy Areas, Volume 4, page 20 (LQ 331.833 L517)]
Allison's Buildings (Quarry Hill)
Black & White image4th March 1909. Off Charles Street, part of the the Quarry Hill 'unhealthy' housing area, a faded notice on wall gives official notification of forthcoming demolition for residents. Brick built property, residential and business use. The yard is covered with snow, and a line is also strung across the it.
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Allison's Buildings (Quarry Hill)
Black & White image4th March 1909. Off Charles Street, part of the the Quarry Hill 'unhealthy' housing area. Brick buildings, residential and business use. A handcart in view, another one is under sheleter. The property on the left has a major crack running through the middle of the brickwork, top to bottom. Snow covering yard.
[internal reference; 200244_76989383:C LIC Char (2)]
Atack Place (Quarry Hill)
Black & White image1901. This is the middle section of Atack Place, the archway was a passage leading to Billet Street. A wall divides the street, the corner of an outside toilet can be seen on the right. The houses have cellars, these were often rented out as separate homes for whole families with no water, heat or other facilities - they were appalling conditions to live in. This was one of the Leeds Unhealthy Areas, listed for improvement.
[internal reference; 2002109_6457156:Unhealthy Areas, Volume 4, page 23 (LQ 331.833 L517)]