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Location - Leeds & District

Aerial View, Swinnow Lane, Hough Top Lane (Swinnow) (49 comments)
Black & White image1963 In the centre of this view, Hough Side Secondary School is visible, this is now used as council offices. Directly below this, Hough Top Lane runs from left to right. On the right edge is the junction of Hough Top Lane and Swinnow Lane. Swinnow Lane then runs towards the top left corner. Pudsey Road can be seen in the bottom right corner.
[internal reference; 20031021_97967166:D LIB Swinnow (2)]
Bramley Ring Road (Swinnow)
Black & White image1st December 1968. Bramley Ring Road looking west towards Swinnow Lane Bridge. Flats are visible to the left. This road was later renamed the Stanningley By-Pass.
[internal reference; 5103:CLIC Ring 164]
Bramley Ring Road, Swinnow Lane Bridge (Swinnow)
Black & White image1st December 1968. View of Bramley Ring Road looking east from Swinnow Lane Bridge. Two cars are parked in a lay-by on the left. Rycroft flats and maisionettes are visible on the right of the dual carriageway, looking towards Swinnow Road.
[internal reference; 5105:CLIC Ring 163]
Broad Lane nos. 558 - 566, Bradley Hill View, Swinnow Lane (Bramley)
Black & White imageUndated, On the left are numbers 560 to 566, a row of terraced houses with small front gardens. At the corner of Broad Lane and Bradley Hill View is number 558 Broad Lane, the premises of the grocer, H. Varley. Products advertised include Tizer, Woodbine's, Craven 'A', Player's number 6, Cadets and Brooke Bond Tea. Just visible on the far left is number 217 Bradley Hill View.
[internal reference; 2003115_92583865:WYAS Broad Lane (Bradley Hill) Box 152, no. 12]
Hough Tree Road, Dawson's shop at number 23 (Swinnow) (2 comments)
Black & White image9th January 1940. Image shows the corner of Hough Tree Road and Swinnow Lane. The proprietor of the small shop, addressed as number 23 Hough Tree Road, was Robert Dawson at this time. Mrs Annie Dawson is listed in a Leeds Directory for 1940 as residing at number 21, the adjoining property to the left. The shop sold sweets, confectionery, newspapers and tobacco and there are various advertising hoardings displayed on the exterior walls for brands of tobacco, cigarettes and tea.
[internal reference; 44:CLIB Hough 1]