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Briggate in the summertime, watercolour painting by Pete Lapish (City Centre)
Colour imagec1910. View of Briggate in the summertime in contrast with the wintry scene depicted in ID 201039_170439, both watercolour paintings by Yorkshire artist, Pete Lapish. Boots Cash Chemists can be seen on the right, located at the junction with King Edward Street. The facade of the building is decorated with elaborate signage, some of which will be illuminated in the evenings. Awnings are raised to protect the window displays from the sunshine. This run of ornate buildings, including the Boots premises, the Leeds Empire Palace Theatre (with statue at the apex) and the twin domes either side of Queen Victoria Street, was designed by London architect, Frank Matcham for the Leeds Estate Company in the late 1890s/early 1900s. This is all nowadays part of the upmarket shopping sector, the Victoria Quarter. The view is in the direction of the Headrow, or Upperhead and Lowerhead Row as it was known then.
[internal reference; 2010310_170450:LEO 4887]
Briggate no. 100 (City Centre)
Black & White image11th October 1937. Junction of Queen Victoria Street and Briggate looking onto Fredrick Lawrence Ltd, Furniture Store at number 100 Briggate. Whites, Clothing Store can be seen on the right on Queen Victoria Street.
[internal reference; 200289_34788149:C LIP LAW ( 2 )]
Briggate no.104/106 White's Drapers (City Centre)
Black & White image28th September 1937 To the left is 1-11 Queen Victoria Street, on the right 104/106 Briggate. This was the business of J.L.White, ladies clothing store. Displays can be seen in the shop windows, many signs for Telemac waterproof coats. This is now part of the Victoria Quarter
[internal reference; 2002815_7030886:C LIP White (7)]
Briggate, Fredrick Lawrence Ltd (City Centre)
Black & White image11th October 1937. View of Fredrick Lawrence Ltd, Furniture Store on Junction of Briggate with Queen Victoria Street. Whites, Drapers which was at numbers 1 to 11 (Queen Victoria Street) can be seen on the right.
[internal reference; 200289_3179568:C LIP LAW ( 3 )]
Briggate, moonlit point (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1903. View of Briggate by night from a postcard with postmark 7th November 1903. The Empire Palace Theatre is on the right and the junction with Queen Victoria Street in the centre.
[internal reference; 2011225_171880:Artemis Pack 21 (Leeds By Night) no.3]