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Location - Leeds & District

Abbey Road (Kirkstall) (1 comment)
Black & White image3rd June 1953. Looking north past Norman Mount are three rows of brick built terrace houses. On either corner of De Lacy Mount are grocers shops, both of which have advertising hoardings. The nearest has a large Players cigarette and a Macintosh sweet sign. The other has a M & D (Meredith & Drew) biscuit hoarding as well as a Brooke Bond tea advert on the window. Tram lines run along the road and the electric cables are suspended on iron poles standing on the pavement. Electric streetlamps are just visible on the far left. A car is parked at the nearside kerb.
[internal reference; 8611:CLIC Abbey 45]
Broad Lane, hoarding (Bramley)
Black & White image27th November 1935. Sheldon's advertising hoarding on Broad Lane, Bramley, showing posters for Ewbank carpet cleaners, pint of beer(unidentified) and poster saying 'Be Wise, Buy Advertised Goods'. Mill in background, stone wall along side of road.
[internal reference; 365:CLIB Broad 1]
Broad Lane, hoarding (Bramley)
Black & White image27th November 1935. Sheldon's advertising hoardings on Broad Lane. Street lamp to right of photo. Man & dog to left.
[internal reference; 367:CLIB Broad 2]
Concord Street, Nos. 35-41 (Leylands) (3 comments)
Black & White image25th April 1928 Image shows a row of derelict houses on Concord Street starting with no. 35, whose gable end has several advertising signs: HP sauce, Ideal Milk, Meredith and Drews, Stanley clothing, Greyhound Racing Association, Meridian Interlock underwear, Bridlington - Travel L.N.E.R. and Birds Custard. A chalked notice on the door reads 'All enquiries to be made at 54 Lilac Terrace'. Lilac Terrace is the street on the far side of these back-to-back houses. They would all be demolished in the 1930s and in 1952 Leylands Road would be built on the site, running at right angles to Concord Street.
[internal reference; 2002325_13431948:C LIC Concord (1)]
East Street (City Centre)
Black & White image19th January 1906. A section of East Street above the Robin Hood Inn. The area is paved with stone sets and there is a gas streetlamp in view. Many advertising hoardings are in the foreground on the left including hoardings for Leeds Permanent Benefit Building Society, the Midland Railway and Barrasfords Tivoli.
[internal reference; 2144:CLIB East 134]