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Location - Leeds & District

Berking Row (Richmond Hill)
Black & White image7th November 1938. rner of Berking Row and another unidentified street. Street lamp on corner. One of the houses is a doctors surgery. A perambulator can be seen to the left of photo
[internal reference; 350:CLIB Berk 3]
Can You Help? (Unknown) (11 comments)
Black & White imagec1970-72. View shows a cleared area of land with a notice advertising development of 45,000 sq. ft. of offices and showrooms, ready for occupation 1972. Buildings in the background include one on the far right on which the letters 'SURG' can just be made out - a surgery or possibly a surgical instrument makers or similar?
[internal reference; 2013220_174360:LEO 7081]
Church Road, no.16 (Armley)
Colour image1981 View of doctors' surgery at no.16 Church Road. The doctors at the time were Dr. M. Benard, Dr. H. Lindsay and Dr. T.D. Whitefield.
[internal reference; 2008128_165920:SLIM CHURCH 24]
Clarendon Road, No. 20 (Woodhouse)
Black & White imagec1970s. Early 1970s photograph of a surgery at no.20 Clarendon Road, occupied by a number of doctors; the names listed on the wall include Mr. K.R. Peel, Mr. Oliver Ffooks, Mr. F.W. Shea, Mr. R. Broomhead, Mr. R.E. Williams, Dr. M.R. Tomlinson, Mr. Mortimer Shaw, Dr. F.F. Hellier, Dr. E.W. Jackson, Dr. W. Whitaker, Dr. J.R. Golding, Mr. G. Wilson, Dr. N.R. Rowell, Dr. G.N. Chandler, Mr. J.M. Fitton and Mr. D.B. Feather.
[internal reference; 20061016_162123:LEO 1334]
Commercial Street, No. 11-15 (Rothwell)
Black & White image28th January 1980. View of nos. 11-15 Commercial Street. On the left, prams are parked outside the surgery of Doctors M. Bhatia, J. Lynagh and C.J. Garrett at no.11. No. 13 houses offices including Proudlock & Co, certified accountants, and on the right, no. 15 is the Black Bull public house.
[internal reference; 20051010_46509951:S LIC COMM 214]