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Albert Square (Bramley) (3 comments)
Black & White image27th April 1960 Small enclave of terraced dwellings built in stone and called Albert Square. From left to right, they number 1 to 5. A high stone wall separated Albert Square from Broad Lane and access is via a gate in the wall.
[internal reference; 20031128_36971682:WYAS Bramley (Town Street) Box 113/4, no. 336]
Albert Square (Little London)
Black & White image13th May 1950. The view looking west from Leeds Terrace shows the yard behind Albert Grove. Clearly showing the derelict condition of both the houses and the outbuildings. The yard is cluttered with rubbish and brick rubble. The row of terrace houses at the top of this view have ogee gabled dormer windows with ornate roundels at the apex. There are more buildings and a tree in the background.
[internal reference; 8703:CLIC Albert 8]
Albert Square(Penny Fool Hill),Yeadon Feast. (Yeadon) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated Yeadon Feast was held annually in the third week of August in Albert Square, also known as Penny Fool Hill. It apparently got its name when Hannah Green,a local 'witch' and her daughter offered home-brewed cures in exchange for pennies. People looked forward to the Feast - it was a time when the mills shut down, initially for three days but in later years for a whole week. In the background, left, is a popular ride called 'Barker's Flyers'. A young lady lifts her long skirts as she sedately descends the wooden steps of the carousel in the foreground. A young boy is aware of the camera as he hands out flyers.
[internal reference; 20041021_88320560:LEO 348]
Albert Square, (Penny Fool Hill), Yeadon Feast. (Yeadon)
Black & White imageUndated View of Yeadon Feast, an annual event in the town taking place in the third week of August. Feast week was a holiday period when all the mills shut down. The location is Albert Square also known as 'Penny Fool Hill' off the High Street. The property left of centre behind the ride is now an off licence at the junction with Cemetery Road. On the far right is Club Row and behind it is World's End. The New Inn is the end property on World's End,again at the junction with Cemetery Road, and nowadays the Gulshan Tandoori is at the end of Club Row. The chimney in the background left belongs to Crompton's Mill, property of the Stansfields. It was a small mill close to the Yeadon Dam (tarn) and was occupied by different firms over the years.T he weaving shed burned down in 1886 and was rebuilt.
[internal reference; 20041021_24364871:LEO 349]
Albert Square, Stephenson's Row, Rear View of cottages (Bramley)
Black & White image27th April 1960 The backs of dwellings in Stephenson's Row, left and Albert Square, right are positioned at right angles to each other. They are virtually blind backs with only one window visible. The houses in Stephenson's row number from left to right 13, 11 and 9 in Albert Square from the left they number 3, 2 and 1.
[internal reference; 20031128_18171328:WYAS Bramley (Town Street) Box 113/4, no. 335]