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Alexandra Road (Hyde Park) (5 comments)
Black & White image29th January 1968 To the left is access to Walworth Place, this view is looking to the end of Alexandra Road at the corner with Thornville Road. On the left is number 51 which is empty, then 53,55. T.E Applebys bakery shop is number 57, followed by 59, with 61 at the corner, this was the Goldfinch Wine Store.
[internal reference; 200318_29029482:WYAS (Burley Lawn) Box no 19, no 17]
Alexandra Road no 43-49 (Hyde Park) (1 comment)
Black & White image29th January 1968 Number 43 is on the left, with 45,47 and 49 following to the right. Each of these houses has had an upper middle window bricked up. Access to Walworth Place is on the right.
[internal reference; 200318_33852786:WYAS (Burley Lawn) Box no 19, no 18]
Alexandra Road nos. 22, 24 (Hyde Park)
Black & White image6th December 1972 In the background on the left can be seen Hartwell Terrace, the rear entrances and yards of a row of through terraced houses fronting onto Hartwell Road. On the right at numbers 22 and 24 Alexandra Road are two businesses. A car is parked outside number 24 while on the right at number 22 is the Millie Draper selling dresses and knitting wools. Products are displayed in the window and a clock shows the time to be 5.55pm. The sign on the door shows the shop to be open.
[internal reference; 2003115_49044436:WYAS Kings Road (Burley) Box 153, no. 12]
Alexandra Road nos. 39,41 (Hyde Park) (6 comments)
Black & White image29th January 1968 To the left is the corner of Maryland Terrace. The shop with advertisment for Horniman's tea in the window is 39 Alexandra Road, followed by 41 to the right, then 43 and 45.
[internal reference; 200318_53016299:WYAS (Burley Lawn) Box no 19, no 16]
Alexandra Road nos. 57 Rear View (Hyde Park) (1 comment)
Black & White image29th January 1968 Rear view of 57 Alexandra Road, This was a confectioners shop and bakehouse , business of T.E Appleby. The bake ovens were visable through the shop, customers were sold goods literally hot from the oven. Bread was the main product, with some savoury items, small selection of cakes and pastries. If meat pies were purchased, a jug would be taken for gravy which was given with them.
[internal reference; 200318_98719424:WYAS (Burley Lawn) Box no 19, no 11]