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Location - Leeds & District

All Saints Church, Church Causeway (Thorp Arch)
Black & White image12th January 1939 A wintry view of All Saint's Church off Church Causeway. The church dates from medieval times but has been altered at various times over the centuries. It is constructed in limestone and there is a large rectangular stone sun-dial visible on the south face of the tower.A ladder can be seen leaning against the porch perhaps indicating repair work in progress.
[internal reference; 2004119_60447329:vol14 y914.281wet]
All Saint's Church, Harewood (Harewood) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, Back view of All Saints Church with tower on the left including clock and empty flagpole. Side porch on left and multiple arch windows ending in large arch window at rear. Situated in an overgrown, untended graveyard. Rebuilt in the 14th century on an earlier foundation. Photograph taken in the early 1900s.
[internal reference; 2003218_50375003:Civic Trust F277]
All Saints Church, The Christ Child Window. (Thorp Arch)
Black & White image20th September 1937 This photograph of the Christ Child window was taken the day after it was dedicated by the vicar of All Saint's Church on 19th September 1937. It depicts Christ as a ten year old child near Nazareth and is located in the north aisle in the childrens chapel. The stained glass window was designed by F.Steele of Leeds and was the gift of Mr.& Mrs G.L.Walker of Boston Spa in memory of their son. Charles Bradley Leigh Walker died on 18th September 1936 aged 10 years. The stonework surrounding the glass was renewed when the window was fitted
[internal reference; 2004119_51755923:vol14 y914.281wet]
All Saint's Church, view of interior, looking east (Thorp Arch)
Black & White image29th March 1937 View of All Saint's Church, looking east. The east window incorporates three lights depicting the 'Ascension of Our Lord'.
[internal reference; 20041110_99906558:Wetherby Collection Vol 14 Y914.281 Wet/12]
All Saint's Church,View of porch (Thorp Arch)
Black & White image14th October 1914 View of the south porch of All Saint's Church, Church Causeway.
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