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Henry Barran Centre, celebration of its Golden Anniversary (Gipton) (5 comments)
Black & White image2nd July 1988. Group photograph taken at the Henry Barran Centre on the occasion of its Golden Anniversary. The Lord Mayor, Councillor Arthur Vollans is pictured presenting his gift of an ornamental wall-clock to the Henry Barran Centre Management Committee. Local people were invited to enjoy a buffet meal at 1938 prices, and take part in fun activities and competitions. From left to right are Mrs. Linda Bosomworth, Councillor Lorna Cohen, Mrs. Lily Shackleton, Lord Mayor, Councillor Arthur Vollans, Councillor Terry Briggs, the Lady Mayoress, Warden, John Holmes, Mr. Eddie Manning and Michelle Houghton, about to present the Lady Mayoress with a bouquet.
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Lewis's Ltd, Golden Anniversary celebrations, Dortmund Square (City Centre)
Colour image1982. Celebrations were held in Dortmund Square to mark the 50th anniversary of Lewis's Ltd, the large department store located in the Headrow. The building (partially seen, left) opened on 17th September 1932 and a crowd of 120,000 were there to witness the opening ceremony. Here, Santa is entertaining the younger members of the crowd. A number of balloons are printed with '1932 -50 years-1982 Golden Anniversary'.
[internal reference; 20061114_162296:LF 381. 12 LEW VOL 3 - 5]
Lewis's Ltd, Golden Anniversary Celebrations, Dortmund Square (City Centre)
Colour image1982. A jazz band plays 'Day Trip to Bangor' at the 50th anniversary of Lewis's department store held in Dortmund Square. Santa appears to be helping conduct the band. Lewis's, just glimpsed in the background, was built in 1932 on land in the newly created Headrow, formerly Upperhead Row, that had previously been the site of courtyards and old shop properties. The firm of Lewis's had it's origins in Liverpool.
[internal reference; 20061114_162297:LF 381. 12 LEW VOL 3 - 6]
Lewis's Ltd, Golden Anniversary Celebrations, Dortmund Square (City Centre)
Colour image1982. Santa talks to the children among the crowd in Dortmund square who have assembled to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Lewis's department store. The store, with Liverpudlian origins, opened in Leeds on 17th September 1932 and there are images on the Leodis website showing the actual construction of the store. In the background, left, shops in the Headrow are visible and Vallances in Headrow House can be seen right. Right of centre is the West German sculpture, in bronze, of the drayman presented by the citizens of Dortmund in 1980 in celebration of 10 years of twinning between Leeds and Dortmund. The sculpture is the work of Arthur Schultz-Engels.
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Lewis's Ltd, Golden Anniversary celebrations, the Headrow (City Centre)
Colour image1982. View of Lewis's Golden Anniversary celebrations in Dortmund Square. It was fifty years since the large department store opened it's doors for the first time on 17th September 1932. The building, seen left, was finished in 40 thousand cubic feet of Portland stone and was part of Reginald Blomfield's vision for the new Headrow. The architects were Atkinson & Shaw. Here, Santa receives smiles from the crowd as he helps conduct the jazz band.
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