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Location - Leeds & District

Chapeltown Road, Appleyards garage, Lady Docker's Daimler (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Black & White image1955. View shows a gold-plated Daimler belonging to socialite Lady Docker which was in for service at Appleyards garage at the junction of Chapeltown Road and North Street. Lady Docker, born Norah Royce Turner, was well known for her extravagant lifestyle and was married three times to company executives, most notably to Sir Bernard Docker, chairman of the Daimler Motor Company. Photograph courtesy of Terry Cryer.
[internal reference; 2012717_173863:LEO 6876]
L.N.E.R. Bridge, Dewsbury Road (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White image20th February 1939. Dewsbury Road going under the L.N.E.R. bridge. There is an advertising hoarding either side of road. One advertises Shell Petrol, the other is for an unknown cough syrup. The bridge itself has an advert for Appleyard of Leeds Ltd., motor dealers and morris cars. Two rows of brick houses are seen on the left. Several multi-branched telegraph poles are seen in this photograph.
[internal reference; 10006:CLIC Dews 15]