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Location - Leeds & District

Armley Moor Health Centre, 95 Town Street (Armley) (1 comment)
Colour image2007. Image shows Armley Moor Health Centre located at number 95 Armley Town Street, opposite Armley Moor. The centre was opened by the Honourable John Battle MP in the January of 2006. It includes a children's centre offering 80 childcare places.
[internal reference; 2007517_163583:Community Pack 22 3]
Armley Moor Health Centre, from Station Road (Armley)
Colour image2007. Image shows a side view of Armley Moor Health Centre, which has a blue frontage on Town Street at number 95. The approach is off Station Road. The centre was opened by the Honourable John Battle M.P. in January 2006, and offers a wide variety of services to Armley residents.
[internal reference; 2007517_163584:Community Pack 22 4]
Armley Moor looking in the direction of Christ Church (Armley)
Black & White imageUndated View of the bottom of Armley Moor. The path goes towards Christ Church and the houses on Hollywell Lane.
[internal reference; 20041220_79363650:LEO 517]
Armley Moor Stone erected by Armley Moor Common Right Trust (Armley)
Colour image2007. View of Armley Moor showing the stone erected by Armley Common Right Trust. It is dated 2000 AD and reads 'Land owned by the people of Armley and protected by Armley Common Right Trust'. The trust was formed over 100 years ago to protect 6 pieces of green space for the use of Armley residents. Armley moor stretches aong Town Street, on the east side, and continues to Wellington Road and Armley Gyratory. Stanningley Road is to the north and the railway line and Tong Road are to the south.
[internal reference; 2007517_163582:Community Pack 22 2]
Armley Moor, Armley Babies Welcome (Armley) (2 comments)
Colour imageUndated. View looking north-west across Armley Moor from Pinfold Lane. In the centre is Armley Babies Welcome. Leeds Babies Welcome Association began as a charitable and benevolent fund, providing centres where mothers and babies could visit for advice on childcare, health and nutrition. The first Welcome opened in 1909 and the association finished in 1974. The multi-storey flats in the background are called Burnsall Court and Christ Church is visible to the left.
[internal reference; 2004427_76923770:LEO 236]