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Location - Leeds & District

Armley Gaol, postcard (Armley) (2 comments)
Black & White imagec1910. Postcard view of Armley Gaol with a postmark of 24th July 1910. Designed by architects Perkins and Backhouse, the prison was opened in 1847 and cost £43,000 for the buildings and the land.
[internal reference; 201167_172201:Artemis Pack 40 (Armley) no.12]
Armley Jail, (Armley) (3 comments)
Colour image9 November 1999 View looking towards Armley Prison, with the 'Holdforths' to the left.
[internal reference; 200294_39068240:MIL 77/25A]
Armley Jail, Postcard (Armley) (2 comments)
Colour imageUndated. Postcard view of Armley Jail taken from the recreation ground in front. The architects were Perkins and Backhouse. It opened in 1847 and cost £43,000. This was for the land and the buildings. The green structure to the right of the brick wall is a shelter built in the recreation ground and marked on a map dated 1908. Between the building of the prison and the wall of the recreation ground the 'jail field' can just be seen.
[internal reference; 20021216_22034853:General Views of Yorkshire Vol.5, no.800(iii), Q 942.74 K63Y ]
Armley Jail, view across railway lines (Armley)
Colour image9 November 1999 View of Armley Jail looking across the railway lines.
[internal reference; 200294_95405215:mil 77/16a]
Armley Prison, Gloucester Terrace, Armley Road (Armley) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. A postcard showing a prisoner standing on one of the castellated towers of the Victorian Armley Prison. The picture was taken from the wall at the side of 'A Wing' after the extension had reached completion. In the foreground a group of young men are sitting astride a wall observing the events.
[internal reference; 20041220_4313296:LEO 523]