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Asda House (Holbeck)
Colour image6th October 1999. View of entrance to Asda House, headquarters of supermarket chain Asda, taken from Meadow Lane. The firm was founded in 1920 as Associated Dairies and became Associated Dairies with farm stores in 1949, the Asda stores in 1965. In August 1999 the company was bought by Wal-Mart the worlds biggest retailer.
[internal reference; 2002812_48087710:MIL41/6]
Asda House, Great Wilson Street (Holbeck)
Colour image6th October 1999. View looking across Car park towards Asda House. The Asda headquarters building was opened in 1988 and was designed by the John Bruton Partnership.
[internal reference; 2002610_62594241:MIL 42/23]
Asda Queens Supermarket, formerly Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel, Fountain Street (Morley) (1 comment)
Colour imageOctober 1968. View of the former Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel in Fountain Street shortly after it had been renovated and turned into a shop and offices for the Asda Queens supermarket. In comparison to an earlier image on the Leodis website, it is possible to see that the steps and wall which separated the chapel from the causeway have been considerably altered and the trees removed. The carving has been effaced from the pediment and the memorial stones at the base of the four pillars in front of the chapel. When Asda's new supermarket and offices on the Howley Park Estate were ready, about 1970, the firm then moved up there. This building was sold to Phillip's auctioneers for nearly twenty years, and then it was bought by Handyman's Stores. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006125_160461:Morley M 174]
Asda Stores Ltd, Killingbeck Drive off York Road (Killingbeck) (14 comments)
Colour image2000 The name Asda became recognised as a household name in Britain from 1965. It was a melting pot of several different companies, some developing over many years in the Leeds area. With the development of milk pasteurisation farmers formed co-ops to build processing units. Hindell's Dairy Farmers Ltd, was founded by Arthur Stockdale, a subsidiary, Craven Dairies Ltd, supplied milk to Leeds. Stockdale went onto form a partnership with Fred Zeigler, opening a pork products business at 118 Kirkgate. This was the basis of Farm Stores. The business expanded taking in other companies including Provincial Dairies of Leeds and Harrogate. At this stage the name changed to Associated Dairies Ltd. In the early 1960s brothers Peter and Fred Asquith has founded a supermarket in Castleford using innovative marketing strategies. The two companies were merged in May 1965 and Asda Stores Ltd was formed with Peter and Fred Asquith as joint managing directors. More recently it became part of the Wallmart group. In this image the purpose built Killingbeck branch of Asda stands in the background, with the busy car park in the foreground an indication of its success.
[internal reference; 2003919_27448672:MIL D/1 no. 9]
Bridgewater Place, looking west (Holbeck)
Colour image2000s. Looking west towards Bridgewater Place from the River Aire, taken around the time that this mixed use development, the tallest building in Leeds, was newly constructed. Situated at the corner of Water Lane and Victoria Road, and including luxury apartments, office space and retail space, it was officially opened on 26th April 2007. In the foreground on the right is the former Victoria Mills, converted in 1992 to a restaurant and office block, while on the left is the ASDA headquarters completed in 1988.
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