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Aerial view of Morley (Morley)
Colour imageUndate. Aerial view of Morley. The M621 can be seen at the top with the bridge carrying Rooms Lane across it. The red brick houses beneath are on the Ibbetson estate. The white roofs and large buildings in the middle of housing are Deanfield Mills. The road in the centre above the playing fields is Asquith Drive. The smallest of the three patches of green to the right, is the Scout camping site. On the left of the playing fields Adwalton House is visible with a square, flat roof. Safenet services operating from here supplying secure transportation for cash and valuables for Royal Mail. Several Wagons can be seen. The buildings at the bottom left are part of the Highcliffe Industrial Estate is Bruntcliffe Avenue. The red brick building at the bottom right is the Seven Hills Leisure Village, formerly Dean Hall Mill Morley Finishing Mill. Little of the mill now remains, it dates from 1872. There is also a fishing lake and conference centre on the site which belongs to Morley Hotels and Leisure. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20061219_162564:MORLEY M 1673]
Asquith Avenue, Deanhurst (Morley)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Deanhurst, a large manufacturer's house off Asquith Avenue. Photograph from David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20061010_162078:MORLEY m2057]
Asquith Avenue, detached house (Morley)
Colour imageOctober 1965. This house was only in existence for five or six years. It was built without planning permission just beyond Horsfall Street in Asquith Avenue. The house was for Kenneth Sanders when he worked at J. & S. Rhodes' Prospect Mill, and was designed by Tony Kellett, a Morley architect living on the Isle of Man. Shortly after it had been built the Highway Authorities decided to build the M621 motorway from Gildersome to link Leeds with the M62. This house was directly on the route chosen (i.e. where the motorway goes under Asquith Avenue) so the house had to be demolished before the end of the 1960s. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006113_160322:Morley M 647]
Asquith Avenue, Liberal Committee Room (Morley) (1 comment)
Colour imageMay 1963. View of the Liberal committee room on Asquith Avenue for the election of 1963. The Liberal candidate, Frances Sowden, is seen in front with Arthur Whitehead and Trevor Sowden behind. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006713_161546:Morley M 1347]
Asquith Avenue, Liberal Committee Rooms (Morley)
Colour imageMay 1966. View of houses used as the Liberal Committee rooms in Asquith Avenue. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007215_162943:MORLEY M 1757]