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Location - Leeds & District

Hanover Place from Park Lane (Burley)
Black & White imagec1909. View of Hanover Place from Park Lane. Numbers run from 8 Hanover Place at the left edge to number 4 at the right edge. Number 4 was occupied at this time by Arthur Bennett Dykes, a painter. Access flanked by stone gate posts leads through an archway to Back Hanover Square. A little girl is visible standing on the pathway to number 6 Hanover Place. The wheel of a bicycle is also seen in the foreground, right.
[internal reference; 2012112_173114:LQ 388 L517/158]
Park Lane in the direction of the city centre, showing tram lines (Burley)
Black & White imageEarly 1900s. Early view of tramlines in Park Lane, looking in the direction of the City centre. At the right edge, at the junction with Marlborough Street, is the business of James Nelson & Sons Ltd, butchers of number 177 Park Lane. Nelson's had numerous branches in Leeds at this time. Where the horse and cart is visible is the Pine Apple Inn, located at numbers 167 and 169 Park Lane between the junctions with Lower Hanover Street and Chatham Street. This area is now occupied by Marlborough Grange and Marlborough Towers, built in 1966. Dominating the left-hand side of the image is Park Lane Council School, later to become the site of Leeds College of Technology (before the Cookridge Street building opened in 1956). The school was situated between Hanover Terrace and Hanover Place. Just seen, over the wall adjacent to the school is a sign for 'Herbert Ashford, pianoforte tuner' at number 5 Hanover Place. The properties in Hanover Place were set back from the road with long front gardens. The stone gateposts flank the entrance to Hanover Place and access to Back Hanover Square.
[internal reference; 2012110_173095:LQ 388 L517/156]
Park Lane, double decker tram, car number 92 (Burley)
Black & White imagec1909. Image shows a double decker tram, car number 92 travelling in the direction of the city centre along Park Lane. It has the unusual destination of 'Malvern Road' in Beeston but was perhaps not in service when the photograph was taken. This is one of 50 tram cars produced in 1902 and it has advertising for 'Hudsons Super Soap' and Jacobs Cream Crackers on the front. The terraced homes in the background are in Hanover Place and number, from the left, 10 to 6. The stone gate posts flank a central access between the houses to Back Hanover Square. Adjoining them on the left if the Hanover Place Chapel dating from 1847.
[internal reference; 2012112_173115:LQ 388 L517/166]