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Location - Leeds & District

Back Lodge Lane, rear of nos.113-133 Lodge Lane (Beeston) (4 comments)
Colour image1989. View of Back Lodge Lane showing the rear of terraced houses numbered 113 to 133 Lodge Lane. All have small back yards, some with washing lines, some with out-buildings. This is the south-west side of Back Lodge Lane running from Stratford Terrace to Trentham Street.
[internal reference; 2012315_173446:LEO 5882]
Brompton Row, nos.2-16 (Beeston)
Colour image1989. View of Brompton Row seen from Brompton Terrace. Houses in the foreground are numbered from 2 to 8, then above the gap of the (now defunct) lavatory yards are nos.10-16. Back Lodge Lane runs across the top of the street with the rear of houses addressed as Lodge Lane.
[internal reference; 2012315_173449:LEO 5885]