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Location - Leeds & District

Cock Beck Public House, Barwick Road (Cross Gates) (1 comment)
Colour image2000. View of the red brick public house, the Cock Beck, situated in Barwick Road. The exterior of the building is decorated with tubs, hanging baskets and window boxes of summer bedding plants. The pub takes its name from the Cock Beck that runs in the vicinity, an affluent of the River Wharfe at Tadcaster. The name most likely comes from the Old English 'Cocc' for cock or woodcock, and 'Bekka', a stream. Cock Beck is mentioned in accounts of the 7th Century Battle of Whinmoor between the pagan King of Mercia, Penda, and the christian King Oswy.
[internal reference; 2003911_75391788:MIL B/1. No.2]
The Penda's Arms, Naburn Approach (Whinmoor) (2 comments)
Colour image2000. View of the brick built public house 'The Penda's Arms' situated in Naburn Approach, off Sherburn Road. The painted hanging pub sign depicts Penda, pagan King of Mecia, who was deated by the christian King Oswy in the Battle of Whinmoor, 655AD, and after whom the pub is named. There are some fascinating accounts of this battle and the history of the area available.
[internal reference; 2003911_57877749:MIL A/1. No.9]