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Harrogate Road, number 154 (Yeadon) (3 comments)
Black & White image19th November 1979. View of number 154 Harrogate Road seen at the crossroads of Harrogate Road and Victoria Avenue with Bayton Lane and Yeadon High Street. Semi detached houses in Moorland Drive off Bayton Lane are visible in the background, left. Number 152 Harrogate Road is at the right edge. The central property, number 154 is a shop selling groceries and frozen foods, sweets and tobacco. There are three petrol pumps. The proprietor is Parish & Son, Yeadon Ltd.
[internal reference; 2007910_164696:S LIP HARR (YEAD) 1]
High Street, cricket match in progress (Yeadon)
Black & White image1892 View of a Monday cricket match in progress at Yeadon Cricket Ground during Yeadon Feast. Feast week was the third week in August when the local mills closed,initially for 3 days, but later for a week. The Cricket Ground is still at the rear of the White Swan Public House in the High Street. In the background Moorfield Mills are visible with Yeadon Moor and Bayton Lane behind (towards the right) Moorfield Mills was built in 1877 and the owner was William Murgatroyd ('Billy Murg'). The woollen industry in Yeadon employed a large percentage of the town's population.
[internal reference; 20041019_14892214:LEO 324]
Leeds Bradford Airport, aerial view, looking north (Yeadon)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Leeds Bradford Airport looking north, showing two runways at right angles to each other. Taken possibly in the 1950s, certainly before 1964 when a third runway was built. Hangars and other airport buildings are seen towards the top while the hugh AVRO factory, which built aircraft during the Second World War, dominates the top centre. Victoria Avenue cuts across the top left. Bayton Lane runs down from centre left to bottom right with Yeadon Moor Road leading off from it just to the left of centre.
[internal reference; 201021_170173:C LIV 87]
Leeds Bradford Airport, aerial view, looking north-west (Yeadon)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Leeds Bradford Airport looking north-west, taken possibly around the 1950s, certainly before the construction of the third runway in 1964 as only two can be seen here. The hangars and other airport buildings are just above the runways in the centre, while above these is the hugh AVRO factory which produced military aircraft during the Second World War. This is now the site of Yeadon Airport Industrial Estate. Victoria Avenue runs diagonally up from centre left, becoming Harrogate Road further along. At the bottom of the picture a golf course surrounds a reservoir, while the edge of a larger reservoir can be seen on the right. Bayton Lane is at the bottom left.
[internal reference; 201021_170175:C LIV 89]
Leeds Bradford Airport, aerial view, looking south (Yeadon)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Leeds Bradford Airport looking south. A runway is seen running up the centre with another leading off to the right. Taken probably in the 1950s, at least before 1964 when the 3rd runway was built. White House Lane runs across from left to right with various airport buildings above it. Nearest the centre are the two large hangars that were used as flight sheds for the AVRO bombers built during the Second World War; the lane leading down from them led to the AVRO factory. Moving right the top one of the next two buildings was the main civilian hangar. In the top half of the photo are 3 reservoirs, from left the Lower, Middle and Upper Reservoirs. The Whetstone Plantation is above these. Bayton Lane is seen running from the centre right towards the top centre.
[internal reference; 201021_170174:C LIV 88]