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Back Beverley Terrace, looking towards Lady Pit Lane. (Beeston)
Colour image2008. Image shows the even numbered side of Back Beverley Terrace showing red brick, through terraced properties in the direction of Lady Lane. Lines of washing indicate that some of these homes are still inhabited, but they are gradually being purchased by the council. Eventually, the streets will be demolished to make way for new development.
[internal reference; 2008117_167824:LEO 3496b]
Back Beverley Terrace, number 26 (Beeston)
Colour image2008. Image shows number 26 Back Beverley Terrace. The red brick frontage has been painted and there is a small walled yard. The low wall in the foreground is covered in graffiti. Only recently, this house and the rest of Back Beverley Terrace have been demolished. This is part of a programme to regenerate the area which will take place over a timescale of 10 to 20 years. Back, Beverley Terrace was situated off Lady Pitt Lane.
[internal reference; 2010216_170331:LEO 4842]
Back Beverley Terracer, demolition in progress (Beeston)
Colour image29th January 2010. Image shows demolition in progress of number 26 Back Beverley Terrace with properties in Beverley Terrace awaiting demolition in the background. Leeds City Council has acquired these red brick terraced homes in order to embark on a regeneration programme in the area. The cleared area in the foreground was once the site of Beverley Avenue. The Beverleys' are situated off Lady Pit Lane, off camera, right. The regeneration scheme of the Holbeck, Beeston Hill and West Hunslet, and Parkside areas is to take place over the next 10 to 20 years. The Beverleys will be replaced by mixed types of residential, sustainable in design, with at least 25% being affordable housing.
[internal reference; 2010216_170329:LEO 4840]
Beverley Avenue at the corner of Lady Pit Lane. (Beeston)
Colour image2008. Image shows Beverley Avenue at the corner with Lady Pit Lane (in the foreground). Most of Beverley Avenue has been boarded up and is awaiting demolition, including a former corner shop at number 98A. In the background, right, properties in Back Beverley Terrace are visible. The Beverley Streets are to be cleared as part of a regeneration scheme for the Beeston Hill and Holbeck area.
[internal reference; 2008115_167806:LEO 3514b]
Beverley Avenue from Lady Pit Lane. (Beeston)
Colour image2008. View of bricked and boarded up terraced housing on the even numbered side of Beverley Avenue looking from Lady Pit Lane. When every house has been vacated this street will be demolished along with other streets in the Beverleys. The area will be redeveloped with new housing in line with a regeneration plan for Beeston Hill and Holbeck.
[internal reference; 2008115_167807:LEO 3513]