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Olympia Works, Blackburn Aircraft (Roundhay) (10 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, View of production at Blackburn Olympia Aircraft during 1939-45 period. Robert Blackburn was the son of George Blackburn, works manager for Thomas Green, Smithfield Iron Works. He was born 26th March 1885, formed Blackburn Aeroplanes at 18 Spencer Place making monoplanes at a cost of £500 each. In 1911 he built the Mercury Plane at Hunslet premises on Balm Road, which was the former Midland Railway stables. It was called the Blackburn Aeroplane Co, becoming a limited company in 1914. The Admiralty ordered 12 BE2c planes which were produced at the Olympia Works. This was a former roller skating rink on Roundhay Road, Soldiers Field was used as a test ground. After 1918 this was no longer used, Blackburn moved most production to a site at Brough in 1929.The factory opened again in 1936 but finally closed in 1946, there is a supermarket on the site now. The variety of planes manufactured by Blackburn included the Swift, Dart, Ripon, Shark, Swordfish, Firebrand, Barracuda, Botha and Skua. A Blackburn Skua fighter destroyed the first enemy aircraft of World War 2 on 26th September 1939. In April 1940 the German battleship Koenigsberg was sunk off Bergen, Norway by a Skua. Robert Blackburn was made a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1918, he died in 1955 aged 70.
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Olympia Works, Blackburn Aircraft (Roundhay)
Black & White imageUndated Taken between 1939-45 at Robert Blackburn's Olympia Aircraft Works, Roundhay Road. Puncher slotters are machining wing spar fittings.
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Olympia Works, Blackburn Aircraft (Roundhay)
Black & White imageUndated, Photograph taken between 1939-45, female workers at Robert Blackburn's Olympia Aircraft Works. The ladies are wearing overalls and their hair is secured and protected by a scarf wound round the head in turban fashion. They are working in the drilling section, drilling and remaining aircraft wing span fittings.
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Olympia Works, Blackburn Aircraft (Roundhay)
Black & White imageUndated, Work is in progress on wing sections for Firebrand IV aircraft. This would be between 1939-45, some production was sub-contracted to several Leeds engineering companies and garages.
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Olympia Works, Blackburn Aircraft (Roundhay)
Black & White imageUndated, Photograph of aircraft production at Robert Blackburn's Olympia Works, 1939-45 period. This shows the assembly for elevator on Firebrand IV naval torpedo aircraft.
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