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Blackburn Aircraft Company Firebrand IV (Unknown) (8 comments)
Black & White imageUndated This aircraft entered service with the Royal Navy late in the war. It was a two seater fleet fighter, a radial engine torpedo bomber. The IV model was the last in a series which had been tested from 1939. It was heavy and difficult to deck land, in service from 1945-53, 156 built. The number of the plane in view is EK 660. The main components built in Leeds by Blackburn Aircraft Company included tail plane, elevators, fin, rudder, ailerons, flaps etc.
[internal reference; 2003113_67475528:D L4B Blackburn (10)]
Blackburn Aircraft Company, Botha (Unknown) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, Land based twin engined general reconnaissance torpedo bomber. It first flew on 28th December 1938, by 1944 the aircraft was obsolete, 580 were built with more ordered. The aircraft was found to be underpowered and all orders were cancelled. Components built in Leeds included tail plane, elevators, fin, rudder, ailerons, flaps, fuel tanks etc. The number on the plane in view was W5065.
[internal reference; 2003113_99952335:D L4B Blackburn (13)]
Blackburn Aircraft Company, Fairey Barracuda (Unknown) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, Fairey Barracuda torpedo aircraft for the Royal Navy. Main components made by Blackburn Aircraft Co Ltd, in Leeds included tail plane, elevators, fin, rudder, ailerons, flaps, main wing spans, cockpit structures. It entered service in 1943, carrying 3 crew in tandem cockpits with a long greenhouse canopy, 2572 were built of all marks. Service was with Fleet Air Arm units, including attacks on the Tirpitz, also with the British Pacific Fleet and into the post-war period.
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Blackburn Aircraft Company, Fairey Swordfish (Unknown)
Black & White imageUndated, This was one of the Blackburn Aircraft companys most famous planes, nick-named the 'string-bag'. It was a bi-plane constructed of fabric covered metal, a 3 man torpedo bomber serving as a general purpose aircraft for the Royal Navy. The wings folded for storage on aircraft carriers, offensive power consisted of mines, bombs, depth charges and torpedoes. A disadvantage was its slowness in avoiding anti-aircraft fire. Almost 1700 were built by Blackburn. In 1943 Marks II - IV had an enclosed cabin for deployment in Canada. Production, which had begun in April 1934, ceased in 1944. Four aircraft remain which are air-worthy, 2 in Britain and 2 in Canada. The number on the aircraft in view is H8158.
[internal reference; 2003113_78861636:D L4B Blackburn (14)]
Blackburn Aircraft Ltd (Roundhay) (9 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Image shows men and women working in the Milling Section, machinery wing spar fittings at the Roundhay Road Blackburn Aircraft Ltd factory. Overalls are worn by the machinists but no safety clothing is visible. The machines are all stamped with the brand model K. Milwaukee. Aircraft produced using Blackburn Aircraft Ltd parts include the Swift, Dart, Ripon, Shark, Swordfish, Firebrand, Barracuda, Botha and Skua.
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