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Lewis's Department Store, the Headrow, sign announcing the Golden Jubilee (City Centre)
Colour imageSeptember 1982. A sign in green and gold is one of many throughout the store in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Lewis's in the Headrow. The landmark department store opened on 17th September 1932 and over 120,000 people attended the opening as it was one of the largest stores in the North of England in its day. The firm originated in Liverpool with a small tailoring business started by David Lewis in 1856. The needs of the working classes were changing and Lewis tapped into the increased purchasing power by providing reasonably priced ready made clothing and household goods. His slogan was 'Lewis's, the Friends of the People'. Soon there were huge stores not only in Liverpool, but Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham. Leeds was under going a transformation on the Headrow by the late 1920s and Sir Reginald Blomfield, a London architect re-designed the very narrow Upperhead and Lowerhead Rows to form a wide avenue from west to east of the city centre. The new Lewis's, on its island site, was to fit in with other buildings designed for the new look Headrow and was finished in 40,000 cubic feet of Portland stone.
[internal reference; 20061115_162309:LF 381.12 LEW VOL 3 - 18]
Paramount, Interior View (City Centre)
Black & White image1933 Interior view of the Paramount on the junction of New Briggate with the Lower Headrow, taken not long after opening in 1932. The name was changed to the Odeon Cinema in 1940. The photograph is looking from the carpeted upstairs landing on to the stairway and shows one of the elaborate chandeliers. There are boxes planted with Parlour Palms between the pillars on the balcony. The architect of the cinema was Frank T. Verity from London. He designed it to harmonise with the new development scheme in the Headrow planned by Sir Reginald Blomfield.
[internal reference; 20041210_95396060:CINE 3]
Paramount, Interior view of staircase (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White image1933 Interior view showing the carpeted staircase of the Paramount Theatre which opened in 1932 as a theatre and cinema. Its name changed to the Odeon cinema in 1940. The Paramount was designed by London architect Frank T. Verity and occupied a prominent position on Sir Reginald Blomfield's newly developed Headrow at the junction with New Briggate. This meant that the building had to be consistent in design with other buildings on the Headrow such as Lewis's department store and the Leeds Permanent Building, now part of 'The Light'. The former cinema is now occupied by Primark.
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Schofields Demolition site, The Headrow (City Centre)
Colour imagec1987. This view, with The Headrow in the background, was taken looking down onto a corner of the demolition site of Schofields Department Store, which is surrounded by fencing. The store dated from 1962 but was to be replaced by the Schofields Centre, opening in 1990. A smaller Schofields store was included in the new build, as well as other retail units and a Food Court. In the background, right, is number 69 The Headrow, standing at the corner with Lands Lane. It is shrouded in boarding and scaffolding. In the background, from the left, are the buildings designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield in the 1930s as part of his Headrow Scheme. One is the Lewis's Department store, left, and, after the junction with New Briggate, the Odeon Cinema.
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The Headrow (City Centre)
Black & White image26th July 1931. Block of buildings ran from Albion Street to Cookridge Street. Built to design of Sir Reginald Blomfield and G.W Atkinson by the Leeds Corporation cost £120,000. Nine shops at ground level, four floors of offices above, large number leased to Inland Revenue. Leeds Town Hall can be seen to left. Hoardings round building carry posters. Some for products 'Oxo', Bovril, Andrews Liver salts, most for local events. A man is looking into site on right.
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