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Aerial View of Bramham Looking east (Bramham)
Colour image1988. Aerial view of Bramham looking east. Coming down from the top edge is Headley Lane which joins Aberford Road ( from left to right of image ). Freely Lane comes down the centre to the village with the recreation ground on the left. Right of centre Bramham House is Visible and the ambulance station. Just below the centre of the left edge Crag Gardens rounds the bend into Almshouse Hill. Bowcliffe Road is bottom, left and there is a glimpse of the A1 in the bottom right hand corner.
[internal reference; 2006830_161850:WE 534185]
Aerial View of Bramham Looking east (Bramham)
Colour image1988. Aerial view of Bramham showing the A1 at the bottom where Tenter Hill cuts beneth. Tenter Hill meets the junction of Front Street, left and Bowcliffe Road, right. Clifford Road goes off to the left and the fork in the centre is Low way, left, to All Saints' Church and Town Hill which becomes the High Street, right.
[internal reference; 2006830_161851:WE 534187]
Aerial View of Bramham Looking north-east (Bramham)
Colour image1988. Aerial View of Bramham Looking north-east. The A1 cuts across the bottom left hand corner and running almost parrallel with it is Front Street to the left and Bowcliffe Road to the right. The junction in the middle is the site of the war memorial. From here two roads fork to the left, Low Way leading to all Saints' Church and to the right Town Hill which becomes the High Street. Clifford Road runs from the top left edge and the trees curving down from the top follow the line of Carr Beck which joins Bramham Beck eventually.
[internal reference; 2006830_161853:WE 534189]
Children and Family Mobile Library, Bowcliffe Road (Hunslet)
Colour image12th August 2010. View of the new children and family mobile, the first of its kind for Leeds City Council. It has been designed for young people under 12 and their families. The new mobile is over 8.5 metres in length (28 feet) and is painted in a distinctive new livery that will be applied to all the service's mobile libraries. It carries over 1,500 items for children, including popular stories and resources to help with homework. There will also be a selection of books for parents and carers as well as internt access, a seating area for story-telling and a pull-out awning to extend outside the vehicle. The bright and eye-catching mobile library is seen parked outside the Library Headquarters at number 1 Bowcliffe Road in this image.
[internal reference; 201091_171161:LEO 6235]