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Bramham College (Bramham)
Black & White imageNovember 1903. Image shows a derelict Bramham College shortly before demolition.Once part of a well respected educational establishment for boys, it had closed down not long after the death of its founder,Doctor Benjamin Bentley Haigh,from Cholera in 1869. The stone was re-used to restore Bramham Park around 1906, after it had stood uninhabitable for nearly eight years after severe fire damage in 1828.
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Bramham College (Bramham)
Black & White image1903. Image shows the referctory at Bramham College shortly before demolition. The College opened in 1843 by Dr.Benjamin Bentley Haigh when he leased Bramham Biggin, a private residence. He substantially extended the building to include this Grecian Style refectory with what was once an elegant glass dome.The refectory was huge measuring 60x35x22 feet. Dr Haigh succumbed,along with several of his pupils,to an outbreak of cholera from which he died in 1869. The College fell into a decline and was eventually vacated and became derelict as seen here.It was demolished in 1903 and the stone re-used for the restoration of the fire-gutted Bramham Park in 1906.
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Bramham Moor, print showing part of the Roman Road (Bramham)
Black & White image1736. Print of Bramham Moor showing travellers on the old Roman Road. The caption beneath reads 'George Fox of Bramham Park Esq. presents this small specimen of the great industry of the Roman soldiery in Britain to this work and to posterity. 1736.' George Fox (1697-1773) became an M.P. twice for York and twice for Yorkshire. He was given the title of Lord Bingley in 1763.
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Bramham Park (Bramham)
Black & White imageJune 1904. An 18th century building at Bramham Park.Bramham Park was built between 1700 and 171110 by Robert Benson,first Lord Bingley and has remained in the family since,now the Lane Fox family.The garden design reflects his travels in Europe and is inspired by the French style,as at Versailles.
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Bramham Park (Bramham)
Black & White imageJune 1904. A view through the gates of Bramham Park showing the mansion as it was prior to restoration. The iron gates are flanked by huge plinths topped with half-lion, half-female reclining figures. Next to these, heraldic bears are mounted on groups of columns. Bramham Park was built between 1700 and 1710 by Robert Benson,the first Lord Bingley. His father had been granted the land in recognition of his services to William and Mary. It was passed down to George Lane Fox, nicknamed the 'Gambler'-a member of the Prince Regent's circle. In July 1828, in the familys absence, the house was gutted in a fire. Gambling debts forced it to remain uninhabitable for 80 years until it was inherited by George Richard Lane Fox in 1906 and he set about the restoration, stone from the demolished Bramham College was use in the rebuilding.
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