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Bristol Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White image23rd October 1928. Corner of Bristol Street with Clifton Street, rows of two storey back to back terraced houses with chimney stacks.
[internal reference; 200224_34324282:C LIC Bristol (2)]
Bristol Street and Cross Stamford Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White imageJuly 1903. Junction of Bristol Street and Cross Stamford Street. Painted signs and Playbills are visible on side of house the most prominent being for Oxo and Bass Carling label. Children are gathered on the corner in period dress. 4 properties 3 with downstairs window shutters with United Methodist Free Church (Providence Chapel).
[internal reference; 200224_62307376:C LIC Bristol (1)]
Bristol Street no 3,5,7,9 (Sheepscar) (4 comments)
Black & White image5th May 1959 To the left a factory can be seen which was Clarke (Dritex)Ltd, raincoat manufacturers, Stamford Works, Cross Stamford Street. Bristol Street has number 3 on the left corner, the gap in the building line denotes the line of Sheepscar Beck> Next moving right are numbers 5,7,9. On the right is Henbury Street, a coal lorry is parked there.
[internal reference; 200318_5569094:WYAS (Sheepscar) Box no 16/1, no 5]
Bristol Street no 8 (Sheepscar) (1 comment)
Black & White image4th May 1959 Number 8 Bristol Street, premises of Barber and Moore, metal spinners and engineers. A methodist chapel had been on this site. On the right, the railings connect the gap in the building line, below this is the channel of Sheepscar Beck. The white building glimpsed on the right edge was the old Newtown Picture Palace Cinema.
[internal reference; 200318_63323611:WYAS (Sheepscar) Box no 16/1, no 4]
Bristol Street, Cross Stamford Street (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Black & White image4th May 1959 To the left is Bristol Street, Cross Stamford Street is on the right. In the centre is the former Newtown Picture Palace. This cinema had opened on Saturday 11th January, 1913, with a showing of 'A cruel fate'. It was owned by W.Hainsworth, the architect was W.Peel Schofield and managed by Gus Coleman. There were 788 seats, all 'tip-up', 588 in the stalls and 200 on the balcony. Music was provided by the Newtown Orchestra, directed by Francis Walker. Prices ranged from 2d,4d and 6d. It was closed on Wednesday 2nd September 1953 and was then used for warehousing.
[internal reference; 200318_73315066:WYAS (Sheepscar) Box no 16/1, no 3]