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Broadway Hall (Horsforth) (5 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows Broadway Hall, built in 1805 for Jonathan Staples, a local Surgeon. Originally known as Lower Bank House, the property was occupied by different families, including the Blackburns, as a residence until the 1930s. At that time Leeds Corporation built the Leeds Ring Road, naming the stretch through Horsforth as Broadway. The name of the property was then changed to Broadway Hall and the building converted into an up-market Ballroom and function suite. In 1966 the building was bought by the present owners, who are an international firm of insurance brokers, for use as offices. This is a view of the front.
[internal reference; 200266_29613894:HO345]
Broadway Hall (Horsforth) (2 comments)
Black & White image1904 Entrance to Broadway Hall. Carriage drawn by two horses, with coachmen in uniform. A lady and dog are in the doorway.
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Broadway Hall (Horsforth)
Black & White image1904. View of Broadway Hall.
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Broadway Hall (Horsforth)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the gardens at Broadway Hall.
[internal reference; 200267_49900454:HO 154]
Broadway Hall, entrance, Broadway (Horsforth)
Black & White image7th March 1980. View of the entrance off Broadway to Broadway Hall. Broadway is in the middleground running left to right. Broadway Drive accessing Broadway Hall bends round to the left of image in the foreground. To carry on straight ahead away from Broadway would bring you to Stoney Lane off camera foreground. In the background, far left, is the junction with Featherbank Lane and Featherbank School is visible. The houses number from left to right, 257 to 271 Broadway.
[internal reference; 2007918_164760:S LIC BROA 1]