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Search Aspect ( Burley Lodge Place )
Location - Leeds & District

Burley Lodge Road, long view (Burley) (3 comments)
Black & White image1969. Long view of Burley Lodge Road, a street of through red brick terraced homes with many streets of back-to-backs going off on the right hand side. At the right edge in the foreground is Burley Lodge Place, then King's Avenue followed by the junction with Kelsall Grove.
[internal reference; 2013115_174267:LEO 6967]
Burley Lodge Road, number 4 (Burley) (3 comments)
Black & White image1969. Image shows the junction with Burley Lodge Place (background, left). The main focus of the photograph is number 4 Burley Lodge Road, the business of Meat Purveyor, E.R. Yeadon. A woman in white apron stands in the doorway. Various cuts of meat are displayed in the window. Another woman passes by the butcher's, carrying a shopping basket. Next door, at number 2 Burley Lodge Road, on the right, is a gentleman's hairdresser or barber.
[internal reference; 2012925_174049:LEO 6961]