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Location - Leeds & District

Argie Avenue (Burley)
Black & White image13th December 1945. View looking north-east from Argie Avenue towards Burley Road in the background. In the foreground is a large padlocked shed. To the left are two long, paved garden paths with wooden gates. Brick terraced houses are to the left and right.
[internal reference; 8458:CLIC Arg 6]
Argie Avenue, Argie Terrace (Burley)
Black & White image7th February 1935. View showing improvements to Argie Avenue.Temporary structure can be seen on the spare ground at the junction with Burley Road. facing row of houses is Argie Terrace with Burley Road to the right.
[internal reference; 2002318_26752871:C LIC Arg (1)]
Argie Avenue, Burley Road junction (Burley)
Black & White image7th February 1935. View taken to show work on Argie Avenue. Terraced houses on Burley Road can be seen in the background. Back of temporary structure can be seen at the junction of Argie Avenue and Burley Road.
[internal reference; 2002318_2915591:C LIC Arf (2)]
Argie Gardens No.1-15 (Burley) (4 comments)
Black & White image21st November 1949. Brick built terrace, two storey, small gardens. Burley Road (Burley Hill) can be seen at the top of the street.
[internal reference; 2002325_3820437:C LIC Argie Gardens (1)]
Belle Vue Road, view from the top of the 99 steps (Burley) (8 comments)
Black & White imageSeptember 1966. View from the top of the 99 steps in Belle Vue Road, over Burley Road and Kirkstall Road.
[internal reference; 2009323_168692:LEO 3822]