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Location - Leeds & District

Back Barrack Street, Buslingthorpe Lane (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Black & White image31st July 1958 Junction of Back Barrack Street and Buslingthorpe Lane. To the left is Back Barrack Street, at the junction is a shop, this was number 5 Buslingthorpe Lane. It was a shoe repair business, run by W. Slater. Buslingthorpe Lane is to the right. It was to be included in the slum clearance programme.
[internal reference; 2003127_87467593:WYAS (Buslingthorpe Lane) Box no 24, no 65]
Barrack Street, Buslingthorpe Lane, no.1 (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Black & White image29th May 1958 To the left is Barrack Street, with traffic waiting to move through the traffic lights. This is looking to Meanwood Road. The shop at the corner is number 1 Buslingthorpe Lane. The main road in the foreground is Chapeltown Road. Barrack Street was named after the extensive Cavalry Barracks which was situated a short distance away off Barrack Road.
[internal reference; 2003127_93490237:WYAS (Buslingthorpe Lane) Box no 24, no 1]
Bronte House, Scott Hall Road, Buslingthorpe Lane (Buslingthorpe) (10 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Bronte House was built in the 1930s at the junction of Buslingthorpe Lane (seen to the left) and Scott Hall Drive. It catered for single women.
[internal reference; 200438_50710696:LIE BRO]
Buslingthorpe Court, Buslingthorpe Lane, no.4 (Sheepscar)
Black & White image31st July 1958 On the left edge is a shop which was 4 Buslingthorpe Lane. Looking across at the end of Buslingthorpe Court, from the left are numbers 19, 30 and 32, which is the back of the Prince of Wales Hotel. To the right edge is the junction with Chapeltown Road.
[internal reference; 2003127_91157169:WYAS (Buslingthorpe Lane) Box no 24, no 54]
Buslingthorpe Lane (Buslingthorpe)
Black & White image19th February 1935 Looking at site of demolished property. The floor lines and gable end can be traced on the surviving wall. Ground in front has been cleared and levelled.
[internal reference; 2002423_49808902:C LIE Bus (1)]